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#11: Post by Castillo2001 »

So got mine from today. Beautifully, solid as a tank but.... there seems to be an issue as it has a bad vibration/rattle. Looks like something on the adjustment knob or mechanism is touching the case. If I put a little pressure on it the noise goes away. This video has been sent to support and they said they will get back to me ASAP. Eureka is a solid brand but something can always happen so I am not mad, yet. We will see how well CafeLast backs up there sales.



#12: Post by tglodjo »

Yeah, definitely not normal. Hopefully it's a simple fix and something just need to be reseated or tightened.

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#13: Post by DblEspresso »

Ordered specialita from ECS 3 weeks ago. Ordered on. Tuesday afternoon, delivered to my door that Friday morning. I emailed them for a discount code and received code 599 within 2 minutes. My total was $473 USD after discount code, shipping/taxes included. Love it so much I went back to ECD and bought the Silvia V6 / specialita combo, so now I'll have a BRAND NEW specialita to sell for $600. I'll end up with the silvia V6 and a specialita for a very nice price. Love the specialita and ECS is the way to go!


#14: Post by Castillo2001 »

So a little update on my issues, after sending them a few more requested videos with the top off so they could see what was happening inside they are RMAing this and sending me a new one. Just got it to FedEx this morning, so hopefully I will have the new one in my hands in a few days.

I almost pulled the trigger on ordering from ECS, even thought about waiting till they got the black back in stock. but my issues is the exact reason I ordered from US site. I know that Eureka is a solid company with very little issues, but the XL is a new version with some changes to the well established older models. This means there are a few new parts inside that haven't been proven just yet. Having had hands on and a look under the hood this thing felt like a tank and built to last, so I am very happy with my decision on not only grinder but buying from a US retailer. If I was ordering the Specialita, tested and proven, I would have most likely gone with ECS, especially since a new double boiler is in my future and it would be nice to have first hand experience on ordering from them before I end up ordering something even bigger.


#15: Post by Castillo2001 »

So my replacement is here, this thing is pretty impressive. It took me a while to get it dialed in, plus I know it will be a while before the burrs are fully seasoned. But I did get a good shot, took 5.7 seconds to grind 18.5 grams of super fluffy grinds at 4.5 grind setting(burrs start to touch at -.5). Shot was 2:1 dose and the flavors were much clearer and fuller mouth feel.

Livin (original poster)

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there is a huge price difference between CafeLast and ECS... if CL lowers the price I'm in


#17: Post by Castillo2001 » replying to Livin »

This is very true, when I looked it up I want to say it was about $200 bucks cheaper. But for me it worked out since it needed to be sent back and replaced, which I would have had to do on my dime with ECS. I do understand that I am the rare example of something going wrong right out of the box.