Eureka Mignon vs Macap M2D

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#1: Post by Bollski99 »

Hi guys!

Looking to buy a new grinder. Right now I got a Rocky. Been looking at the Eureka mignon silenzio and m2m/d from Macap with stepless grind adjustment. They cost about the same where I'm at. More reviews on the Mignon, but there's something about the Macap that I like, probably its perceived build quality. Has someone tried them both? Which one would you pick and why? Appreciate input!

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#2: Post by nguye569 »

The Eureka Mignon Specialita was my first grinder and I now own a Macap M42D. I think both of these grinders are just a slight upgrade over the 2 you're looking at. In all honesty, it's hard to beat the Eureka. It offers a very good grinder for the price range. I feel like the Macap does not have better grinds, but I prefer it for the other features (but this is moot cuz the M2D doesn't have the nicer features).

I'd say Eureka has fluffier and less clumpy grind, perhaps a bit quieter too.