Eureka Mignon vs. Baratza Sette

Recommendations for espresso equipment buyers and upgraders.

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I just watched a Sette 270Wi go by on ebay. it was at $415, and I didn't like the fact that it was a unit that was upgraded from a 270 with a Wi weight panel. No idea its age, etc.

I've read a few things about the Settes that concern me - sudden motor issues later in life, various power levels and abilities depending on what 'generation' of the machine you get, etc. So I'm suddenly more concerned about buying a Sette used, and without a warranty. (Although, I've also read that Sette does a good job even out of warranty.)

I've recently come across the Eureka Mignon series which is nice. It's compact and quieter supposedly.

I'm looking for any opinions on this conundrum.

I think I'm ready to just order a new one of either, whichever I get. I'm not sure how much I need the grind by weight option, so would probably just get a 270. Either way, for the amount of espresso I make, I'd probably do single dose and keep the beans in a better container, lest they just go off in the hopper.

I have no interest in any grinder with a doser, and noise is a minimal concern for me.

I'd consider spending up to about $500, but I think I'll get in trouble to go to $650 for the Mignon Specialita, unless someone told me I'd be making a mistake not to.

Any thoughts?


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I should also mention:

Grinding for a Gaggia Classic and I currently have an OE Lido 3. I love the lido; dialed right in, consistent, etc. Makes great shots. It's just work... LOL

I want something that I can quickly make a shot with on weekday mornings.

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Having owned the Sette Wi, the Specialità is a solid upgrade. I recently made a post about this exact question here: Eureka Mignon Silenzio/Perfetto/Specialita' (2018)
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I would probably choose the vario over the sette. Oh wait, I did ;-) Nice example at good price here [FS] Baratza Vario 886 with ceramic and steel burrs Bottom line, Baratzas are risky. Most are great, some not so much.

If you don't want any risk, then spend more on a specialita. Other low risk options are Quamar M80 and Fiorenzato F4e, both around $500. This is one is essentially an atom [FS] Nuovo Simonelli G60 grinder and looks like he is willing to deal.

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Another thread here Eureka Mignon Silenzio/Perfetto/Specialita' (2018) with some real owner / operator feeback of the grinders you are interested in.
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I was in your exact shoes last month and ended up going for the Eureka Mignon Specialita. I was able to get it for $430 shipped to the states by purchasing it directly from an Italian reseller. It will be more expensive if you are in Europe as you have to pay VAT taxes, but is still cheaper since most retailers offering the Specialita price it at $650+? Check this website out! Looked a little sketch to me, so I paid via PayPal, but the grinder came in OEM packaging with Eureka's label and everything.

I came from the Baratza Encore (not an espresso grinder), which was crazy loud compared to the Specialita. Seriously, this grinder is amazingly quiet and very heavy compared to the Encore.

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Eureka Mignon 100%

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Well, I just placed an order with for a Mignon Specialita. Pretty sure this is the right choice.

I'm really having to stifle my Amazon-fed need for instant gratification in doing this! I've become disturbingly accustomed to orders showing up next day or sooner... now I've gotta wait for something to come from Italy?! :D

Thanks for all the comments and advice.


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I ordered from them on a Thursday and recieved the grinder the following Monday, so they're pretty quick!


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That's speedy! Thanks for the info. I'll post back on my experience once it shows up.