Eureka Mignon Specialita vs ECM S-Automatik 64

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#1: Post by Lohmannchrdk »


I have the option of purchasing a one year old, 200 shot ECM s-automatik 64 at the same price as a brand new Eureka mignon specialita.

I kind of had my heart set on the Eureka, but now I am doubting due to the good offer on the ECM.

Which to choose?

// Frederik

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#2: Post by DJL »

Well the Specialita has 55mm burrs vs 64mm and faster RPM of the S-Automatik. So by specs alone the ECM is a notch up. To note, the chrome S-Automatik has a plastic adjustment gear but can be upgraded.the other anthracite colour S-A has a metal gear adjustment. They both have similar footprint. Personally, I prefer the look of the Mignon and position of the touch screen it also comes in a variety of colour options to match your coffee machine/surroundings. The auto-resume on the Specialita is nice as well, not sure if the S-A has this?


#3: Post by DeGaulle »

200 shots suggests it hasn't been used in a year, so the burrs on the ECM must be in good condition unless they have been used for grinding really wrong stuff. If the price is the same as the Eureka new, I would go for the ECM with the larger grinding area (64 mm burr diameter).
One caveat though: the Eureka has the edge ithat you can remove the top burr carrier for cleaning, reinstall and not lose your grind setting. I am not sure if the wou the ECM is equally maintenance-friendly, if it requires re-zeroing and then readjusting the grind after a clean-up, it may be more of s hassle with the ECM worm gear.


#4: Post by Lohmannchrdk »

Very good answer, I also love the look of the Mignon. What do you get out of bigger burrs? Being New I dont know what I would be missing out on with just 55 instead of 64.


#5: Post by DeGaulle »

It is a presumption ("bigger is better"), but in general larger burrs tend to give a more consistent grind and higher speed of grinding (as in output per second, not RPM). Hence I would gravitate to the ECM if the price is the same.
I have always been a bit taken aback by the new price of the ECM grinder, but I love its looks and compact design. I think the anthracite version that comes with stainless steel collar looks even better, but new it would set me back a grand (in euros), for which there are better alternatives.


#6: Post by bas »

The Euereka performs above class in my opinion. I doubt someone could taste a difference in the cup unless you upgrade the ECM with SSP burrs.

Apart from burrs good to know the Eureka is way more silent in operation!