Eureka Mignon Silenzio vs Baratza Sette 270

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Well... what I thought was going to take a few more years, is actually moving a little bit faster.

We got a house in Ocala, FL that will be our retirement home in a few years (4-5years). I wanted to build an espresso area (thread on this) with everything that I have now... but because we are spending almost every weekend at the new house, I want to be able to have a good espresso (and my wife her latte) when we are there on the weekends... Those Nespresso pods we are using now are not cutting it...

So the plan is to move one of the machines over there... thinking of moving the Londinium R. That means that I need a grinder and I do not want to spend the $$ right now on another Kafatek grinder. I love mine and will stay in the house in Orlando, FL (just less than two hours away) until we move. Orlando is where we spend the rest of the week...

All that long background to ask for recommendations on an inexpensive electric grinder to go with the Londinium R...

At first, I thought about the Eureka Mignon Notte - US$329.00 with free shipping from the folks at Seattle Coffee. But could not find much feedback here in the forum of this one for espresso use... But if this one works well for espresso, it might be the ticket...

The others that I was looking at:

The Eureka Mignon Silenzio - $479.00

The Baratza Sette 270 - US$399.95. - not too thrill with the looks...

The Niche is around US$625.00 delivered... not sure I want to spend that much...

Thoughts?? :?: Any other electric grinders for espresso in this, less than 4-500.00 price range, I should consider?
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I probably should have posted this in the Buying Advice section... :?

Going over a few threads on these grinders...
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I have the Eureka Mignon Facile, and it works perfectly for me. I only use it for espresso, and I find it easy to dial in. The Facile is essentially a Silenzio without the timer function. I believe the Notte has the same internals minus the sound dampening, so that could be worth saving the extra $80 over the Facile. By the way, whole latte love has the Facile for $400.

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Thank you for calling that out. Was not aware of the Facile. I will use it for making espresso only and I do not really care about the timer.

Let me take a look at that one. Thanks again.
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I have a Notte. Do you typically grind into a portafilter or a dosing cup? A Notte (and Facile, I believe) is not great for single dosing into a dosing cup, which is my preferred workflow. You have to continually press the grind button with the dosing cup while flapping the top and shaking the machine to minimize retention. A single-dosing blower may help this, but it seems like it takes 3 hands to do this without a timer or on-off switch that holds. For grind on demand (not worrying about retention) or direct to portafilter (use portafilter to press button, but might be messy as a standard dosing ring doesn't fit) the Notte momentary grind switch makes more sense. Grind quality is good for traditional espresso.

I also have a DF64 that I prefer for its larger flat burrs and workflow, as it stays on to grind through a single dose. It would fit your budget as well.

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I do espresso only... I current grind single dose directly into the portafilter...

So, if I go with the Eureka Mignon, I was looking at doing the bellows modification to blow out the retention (from this thread).

Good to know that the Notte is fine for espresso... So I just need to decide if I want to spend the additional $ for the quieter grinder...
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I recall that Seattle Coffee Gear had a video comparing the Notte to the Silenzio (makes sense since they're the only ones that sell the Notte!). Same burrs and grind quality. In person, the Notte is not very noisy (quieter than an Encore, for example), it's just that by comparison it's louder than the freakishly quiet Silenzio. None of these are in the same class as that Kafatek but are perfectly serviceable shots (especially on a lever that can tweak taste with flow profile).

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Thanks. I watched the video.
I can't seem to make up my mind between the Notte and the Facile...
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I ended up ordering the Eureka Mignon Facile from Whole Latte Love.

And also ordered the Single-Dose Hopper and Silicone Bellows from Rich (forum member @rmanalan ).

Eureka Mignon single-dosing funnel with built-in bellows... 3d print your own... ... _purchases.

Thank you all for the comments and suggestions. :)
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Good luck with your setup. Some thoughts now that you've already made your choice.

My understanding of the Silenzio/Facile/Notte is these all have the same burrs and motor with the Facile adding the noise reduction and metal fork, and the Silenzio further adding the time dosing option. I have the Notte and am very happy with the grind quality.

I use a dosing cup and while it's a one-hand operation to hold the cup and simultaneously lean against the grind button, I recognize it could be better. I have considered the following mod so the on/off switch becomes the grind button but it's not really an issue so far, maybe in the future.
Eureka Mignon Filtro on/off switch

I also ordered a single dose/bellows from Etsy although a different one and while it improved on the retention, I found further adding the incline stand got me down to 0.1.