Eureka Mignon Crono espresso burrs vs 50mm flat filtro burrs? Quality difference for drip?

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I'm getting ready to purchase a Mignon Crono (I think) and I'm very intrigued by it's ability to do espresso if needed. However some vendors do have them with the newer burrs (flat filtro) and some have the older burrs (espresso burrs). I know the Eureka Mignon brew pro produces less fines then the Crono and I can only chalk that up to the different burrs. The new filtro burrs are supposed to mimic that as they are cut the same, just smaller. As of right now I only plan do to drip and pour overs.

wholelattelove's video review of the Mignon line pointed out significantly less fines on the brew pro, and that was the only unit without the espresso burrs. So i'm just trying to decide new vs old burrs.

I'm basically going to be doing 50% v60s and 50% moccamaster brewing. My other option is a Virtuoso+, but I feel like the Mignon gives you a lot more for the money. And if I ever get a sub $1k espresso machine I'd like to only need one grinder. So basically I'm trying to decide if the new burrs are better than the old or not. And if so, do they make espresso grinding impossible? I'd rather do drip well and espresso poorly than doing both okay.