Eureka Atom 75 vs Niche Zero

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#1: Post by mstepanov »

I've been looking at these two grinders for the past few weeks and still couldn't decide which one to take. Price-wise it's not as important as I'm looking to keep the grinder for at least 5 years, though I'm not looking at Monolith price range (or even the Ceado e37s). I currently have a Baratza Vario and to be honest I didn't like it. With only a couple years of using it, I've already changed the drive belt once. So I'm looking something different this time in terms of quality and feel.

I understand that Niche Zero is a single dose grinder where the Atom has a hopper. I used to keep the grinds in a hopper for a 2-3 days so single dose is not a big deal for me. However what I really appreciate in a Niche is a very low retention. I'm so fed up with a retention in a Vario, so that's a big consideration for me in a new grinder. Coming from the Vario, I'm looking something which could last longer without being serviced and something which has a premium feel, not a budget like Vario.

I make around 2-4 shots per day, espresso only. Both these grinders are attractive and both have their advantages, but I just cannot make a decision. Hope you guys can help me out with the choice. Which one would you buy? Thanks!

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#2: Post by redbone »

Both grinders are known to have low retention. Believe all Atom grinders can single or hopper dose.The big question here comes down to burr taste preference, conical or flat. If reliability is a huge concern consider Eureka (now part of Nova Simonelli) a muture grinder company with international dealer and parts support while Niche is a new company without an established international dealer network.
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#3: Post by another_jim »

Point of fact; Eureka has been making grinders since the 1950s. Nueva Simonelli makes machines and OEMs grinders. But the main point about experience remains valid.
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#4: Post by kenyabob »

I just sold my Atom (60mm flat) and purchased a Niche in its place. I did not own the baffles/blower, but in my experience I always had a shot or two before I felt my new grind setting took. Maybe I needed to sweep more or make some other modification, but I had a hard time single doing and I didn't find it to be it's strength. It also worked best with a nice column of beans sitting in the hopper. I have no doubt the Eureka was sturdier, but for my used, it felt over built.

Also, from what I read, people are not totally sold on the blower/hopper from Eureka.


#5: Post by LObin »

These exactly the 2 grinders I considered when I decided to make the switch to single dosing, Monolith's being over budget.

I really wanted the Atom 75 because of the possibility to get it with red speed 75 flat burrs. I liked the fact that when hosting, I could simply fill the small blower hopper with beans.
After reading pretty much there was to read on both, it seemed to me the NZ was the best option for someone who was switching to single dosing. I also do cold drip which suits the NZ pretty well too. The HB review confirmed everything I had read about it but the comparison with other high end grinders made the decision easy for me.

My journey is still very young but so far, I'm above happy with my choice.

In the end, it would have cost me almost double to go with the Atom. Ain't no way I could be twice as happy!

Hope this journey is a long one!
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#6: Post by Radio.YYZ »

On the atom there will be overall cumulative retention. It is a nice grinder but i used the older atom for a bit and returned it because of overall retention. The specialita i got does a bit less and i am not sure if its the right grinder for single dosers.

I am curious about niche but i did not purchase because of i could not see and play with it first.

If i had to do it again i would read more about the niche and probably purchase that.

Flavour wise i do prefer the flat burrs over the conical my sette has.

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#7: Post by mikeTRON »

It's unlikely you will dislike either grinder but I went with the Niche Zero. It's crazy how much more quiet it is than the encore I had previously. I also think it looks better than the huge traditional grinders but I don't have a huge space for my setup.

There was over a month backorder when I purchased the Niche and I have yet to read a negative review or maintenance issue for what it's worth.


#8: Post by drown »

Just sold my Atom 60 and replaced with a Niche. After a few days of use I can share a few observations:

1. Atom grinds were fluffier and had less clumping. Never needed to WDT with Atom. Niche needs it.
2. Atom was quieter. Niche is not super loud, but it's louder.
3. Niche' retention is almost null.
4. Atom with Blow Up is messy and still retains some grinds. It is not a single doser. It works much better, as others have stated, with beans in the hopper.
5. for single dosing Niche is hands own better.

Time will tell. If I was doing more volume I would of upgraded to the 75mm version of the atom. Build quality on the Eurekas is very solid.
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#9: Post by kenyabob »

I think drown and I are currently on similar wave lengths. Regarding his points:

1. My atom was pretty fluffly, but the niche has been the same, almost the same as my Kinu M47
2. Its not much, but yeah, the niche is louder. Part of it is, you can look in and see the burrs. Theres no column of beans or a machine top between you, its just a piece of plastic. The atom also purred, where the niche chews.
3. Theres low retention measured in full grams (atom), and then theres the niche. It feels as low as my hand grinder
4. I didnt even bother buying the blow up. Even if it did work, the idea of finishing a grind by exercising some bellows, forget it
5. What drown said.

The fit and finish of the Atom was way more serious, and felt more 'pro', however, the niche fits my lifestyle way more, and as admittedly 'cuter'. I hope that niche can create a legacy as long as Eurekas.


#10: Post by mstepanov »

Based on your suggestions, most of you are in favour of Niche. Even with the comparison with grinders which costs twice as more, still the Niche grinder gets more positives.I thought it would be unreasonable to pay more for something which is not considered to be better, so I have ordered a Niche grinder. Thanks everyone for your help!