Eureka Atom 75 vs Lagom 64

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#1: Post by zcarlile »

I am pretty sure I want to go flat, so the real debate is lagom vs atom. What I can't decide is if I will prefer single dosing or not. I know single dosing is very popular right now, but has anyone switched to a single dosing grinder and regret the decision?

Give me your thoughts on what you think I should get!

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#2: Post by JB90068 »

I've had three grinders so far. Two hoppers converted to SD and the most recent grinder is SD only. At this point, I wouldn't use anything but a single doser.

Since you don't pull that many shots in a day, unlike in a cafe, SDing is the best way to keep your beans at their freshest.
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#3: Post by SandraF »

I have never used a Lagon, however I bought my Aton 75 Speciality in February, 2021. I tried single dosing with it a few times before with various results making me think it was not suitable for single dosing.

After reading more about how to grind a single dose, I would close the bottom of my empty hopper and place 18.6 g of beans into the hopper, put the portafilter onto the holder, turn on the grinder and with the motor running, pull open the tab at the bottom of the hopper & the beans slide into a grinding environment. Output would be 18.0 or 18.1 g. So a loss of .5 g. Not bad.

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#4: Post by Ypuh »

Performance wise I would assume the Atom 75 is the best grinder. If you want the best results, single dosing might be the better option. Considering the Atom is a lot cheaper (ca. €1k vs. €1.750) it's a tough decision. I like hopper fed grinders, but found that it's not giving the best results in a home environment. The hopper is no place for storing since beans drop off pretty quickly (2-3 days is too long) and if you plan on SD, then I would recommend buying a grinder that is built for it.

Note: I've been hesitating these 2 exact grinders for a while. The Atom 75 with Ti burrs, vs. P64 with HU burrs. 3 months later haven't pulled the trigger yet and probably going to take another few months to decide. Also the amount of new grinders popping up nowadays makes me believe the perfect grinder is yet to be made.
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#5: Post by another_jim »

I've got the Atom I'm reviewing sitting next to my usual Niche. I have it set up for my morning cappa, which is the same coffee for the entire week, while using the Niche for switching between all the coffees I use for espressos. The Atom is so fast and hassle free, that I find myself using my cappa blend for quite a few singles when I don't feel like waiting. But I wouldn't dream of using it to switch back and forth between coffees.
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#6: Post by makspyat »

For me, it is a single dosing all the way.

I didn't get a chance to try Atom or Lagom. I could only compare Vario-W, preset to weigh on demand, and Ceado E5SD.

There is no contest here, even if we'd ignore build, or grind quality for a moment.

I couldn't get over wasting good coffee every day, which was a part of my routine with Vario.

I have had Ceado for 6 months now, and I would get it again if I had to start it over. I imagine that Lagom P64 is even better, so you can't go wrong here.

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#7: Post by jrham12 »

I have both the Atom 75 and the Lagom P64... But they are essentially set up as "his & hers" grinders. We use different beans; I like to jump around between different blends from different roasters, while my wife is content to just use the same blend day in and day out.

My wife makes a daily cafe mocha. She uses the Atom 75 for simplicity; just push the button with the portafilter and 3.8 seconds later, done. Also, since her shot is mixed with chocolate sauce, raspberry syrup and steamed milk I don't even have her do a purge to clear the small amount of "old" grinds as she can't taste a difference in her drink either way. So essentially no waste. (I do have the single button programmed for a small 1.5g purge just in case.)

Since I usually only have espresso on weekends due to work schedule, I use the Lagom P64 as I'm more willing to spend the extra time weighing out a single dose, do the RDT, etc.

Also contributing to this is that we buy less expensive beans for her to use like some of the "bulk" packages ordered from Amazon. I only keep a few days' worth in the hopper though; I divide up the bags (hers and mine) into pint sized mason jars and keep them in the freezer until needed to try to keep the coffee as fresh as possible.

Both grinders make great espresso but you have to decide which workflow is best for you. If you won't be switching beans all that often and lean towards convenience, then I'd recommend the Atom. If you want the flexibility of jumping back and forth between beans a bit more and are willing to put in a little more prep time for each shot, then go with the Lagom. I don't think you'd be disappointed with either one but I think your desired workflow and level of prep "convenience" will point your direction...

Hope that helps!

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#8: Post by LindoPhotography »

They're both great grinders, but very different.
I have both, I barely use the Atom 75 (just listed it for sale) since I don't know how to NOT single dose these days :D

I think the main quesiton is whether or not you want a single dosing grinder or if having a full hopper and not caring about retention is how you roll. If you do a lot of Coffee it makes more sense. For a few shots of espresso a day or different types of coffees Single dosing makes more sense for sure.

Also may depend on your coffee preferences, in my opinion Eureka Burrs tend to be what some people would attribute as 'conical' like where it blends flavours together a bit more, which makes it ideal for medium->dark roasted espresso where it excels. Not great for coarser brew methods. IT does work well for lighter roasts too but you may not get the individual flavour note clarity like on a P64 with SSP burrs (not sure how the stock burrs on the P64 compare since I never used them).

Atom 75 is super fast and super quiet to grind. Lagom p64 has variable RPM so it can vary for grind speed, but definitely more 'normal' speed volume level, not nearly as quiet or fast as the Atom no matter what your settings are.

P64 is Super low retention, nice and neat single dosing workflow, and comes with some nice accessories, variable RPM gives you some control over the clarity level vs body levels which is neat to play with. With SSP burrs it should beat ATOM 75 at coarser brew methods for sure, for light roasted espresso with any of the SSP burrs it should be superior in flavour clarity once dialed in right, but may be trickier to find the sweet spot, also may not be as great for darker roasts, but that may not be the case with the Lagom p64 stock burrs (haven't tried).

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#9: Post by jgood »

I have a Niche (previously had a Vario) and am totally converted to single dosing. Once you adjust your workflow it seems totally natural. I tried single dosing the Vario but it had some retention and it wasn't a win -- but with the Niche it works wonderfully. If you're not wedded to a flat consider the Niche. But all in all single dosing (with a grinder designed for it) is much more logical for home use. The hopper grinder was designed for a cafe making many shots per hour.

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#10: Post by mrgnomer »

The two middle of the road hopper grinders I've had were used only as single dosers. Filling the hoppers was pointless when you change the roast between shots regularly. In the days of ball park volume dosing retention wasn't a big deal so my Macap M4 worked fine as a single doser with the hopper trap shut. Popcorning was more of an issue.

Now retention is an issue if you weigh your doses. To get all the grinds out of my current Ceado e37j I have to coax them out of the chute and blow them out with retrofitted bellow in place of the hopper. I get a good grind, low retention and saved some money compared to a dedicated single dose grinder but it's more work. Good single dose grinders is the way to go IMHO if you weigh your doses, change your roasts on the fly and want as close as the same weight out as you put in.
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