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Great topic.

I was considering the same about a year ago. I went with the atom pro. The atom (any variant) is not the ideal single dosing grinder, although i think you can get by, depends how picky you are. I find when i grind super fine, i can be off by around 0.7g-0.8g. Coarser grind settings have basically no retention. Thats not a deal breaker to me. I agree that its not great at switching between coffees, that said if you spin up and down the knob (going from fine to coarse and back) i believe it can clear out the burr chamber fairly well between coffees. I opened up my burr chamber after 8 months and there wasnt anything in there. there are a few tricks that can help, but again its not ideal. Technique, along with taking out that bloody clump crusher are very important. I was swayed by going with a brand name over option-o. That said i expect the lagom would edge out the atom in terms of performance. The variable RPM is nice feature on the lagom for sure.

There are a few things to consider that i dont think are often mentioned:

If i was in the USA, i would have gotten the LUCCA 75 no questions asked. I love the idea of the sensor so i can try and replicate performances. I do wonder how accurate it is though if you have to recalibrate it.

If you are taking about the atom 75 or atom pro, id think the lagom edges them out. While the burr set of my atom pro is intriguing, lately ive been wondering if i can drop in 64mm SSP burrs in an atom 75 variant. It looks like they would fit. If they do youd then be able to try out any 64mm burr geometry. Im in the process of getting some to see if they will fit, so i cant report conclusively. If they do fit, there would be some empty space between the sweepers and burr edges. i dont think this would lead to increased retention though.

All else being equal if you like the atom, you may want to look at the mdj, which seems to be a similar grinder but with lower rpm (should be about 2/3rds the speed). Motor should still be an 8amp draw. I'm not certain but I think It's what the old Olympus 75 used to be. I believe Eureka "upgraded" it to a higher speed motor after its inception, which is the version that's still sold by some retailers now.

Edit: I see this thread was 8 months old and recently revived. I did not notice at the time of posting. It looks like op went with atom 75 based on their profile.


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