Eureka Atom 75 vs ECM Titan

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

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Hi. New to forum. My new ECM Synchronika will be here any day now. I am thinking I should upgrade my grinder (Breville Smart). The ECM Titan is gorgeous, but I don't see too many videos/reviews of functionality. Atom 75 seems solid, though I'm not a huge fan of the looks. If they produce similar results, I'd get the ECM. If the Atom produces noticeably better results, I'd get that.

I'd like to spend less than 2k. I'm definitely a newbie relative to average prosumers. I'm coming from a history of Breville and Three Sisters *medium* roast, which I enjoyed (until my Infuser died). However, I don't truly know what my taste preferences are as I haven't experimented much yet, but I plan to.

Any advice on these grinders? Other recommendations?

P.S. The Niche looks great; I can't find one.

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Nice Zeros typically open orders once a month. I think I saw a post elsewhere for Sept 22nd, probably London time. I don't know how fast they go these days, whether it is minutes, hours or a day or two. I understand that they now sell through their own website, not the IndieGoGo. I'd check ahead and set up an account in advance, if that's how you'll be going.

For recommendations, knowing your budget, tastes in coffee (roast level, flavor profiles you enjoy), as well as how much experience you have making espresso would help.

Edit: Post on 9/22 GMT - A couple of Baratza Sette 270 questions

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ericjs (original poster)

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Thank you Jeff. Thanks for pointing out that I should provide additional information. I'll edit the post.


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I bought the Atom 75 in chrome when I ordered my Synchronika. It's a very fine grinder. It's quick, quiet, user friendly, and so much more.

I mostly drink medium to medium-light beans for espressos mixed with soy milk. Although I've been trying some local El Salvador Finca Kilimanjaro which is lighter.