Eureka Atom 65 grinder arrived with sticky, streaky residue over chrome finish?

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I'm posting in buying advice because I'm not sure if I should keep this, but apologies if wrong forum.

I certainly didn't expect this when I opened up my supposedly brand new Eureka Atom 65 just now (ordered from C&P). The chrome finish has what appears to be a streaky, sticky substance. It comes off easily if you wipe it down with a wet cloth and the residue is the consistency of a glue stick. Anyway, C&P is happy to refund and send me another one, but is this normal? Maybe just a bleach wipe down from the factory? I'm not sure if it's a used machine they wiped down with some substance? Am i being OCD for returning this $1100 machine that I even paid 100 extra for the chrome finish?

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It depends on what the sticky substance is and if it got into the grinder. If the grinder's operation is affected a replacement would be a good idea. If it's just surface goo I'd think of asking the vendor if it was ok to clean it off, try the grinder out and if everything was ok get a reasonable rebate for the cleaning and testing. I've gotten the impression most vendors would rather give a rebate than do a return exchange. They usually mark down returns for sale anyway.
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My specialita arrived in perfectly mar-free finish so there is something suspicious going on.

If it were me I'd send it back for something that costs that much.

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Or it could be residue left from the adhesive film that is put over polished metal and just needs a damp microfiber cloth and wipe down.
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jkob55 (original poster)

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It came off pretty easy with some all purpose cleaning solution, so I was planning on keeping it. I'm almost sure it's jusst some cleaning residue (I could see streaks like it was wiped down with something), but still, 1100 for a grinder it should arrive in much better condition. Unfortunately my Bianca V3 just arrived with a crushed water container and bent stainless steel frame (I'm looking at you, UPS freight....). Thankfully, Cliff and Pebble thus far have been very responsive and easy to deal with. I have to ssend the V3 back so maybe I'll send back the grinder as well, or maybe just the Bianca. I dialed it in before I noticed the misshapen tank (it wouldn't close), and wow that was some great coffees!

My luck so far! :(