Espresso scales - revisited

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#1: Post by BaristaMcBob »

I need help finding the right espresso scale.
It needs to fit on the drip tray.
It needs a timer function.
And it has to be fairly fast.

You might be thinking..."is this guy kidding? There's dozens of great scales already reviewed a million times on youtube."

Well, not really. Hear me out: First, a basic scale with a timer costs $10. So, I'm not interested in anything approaching or exceeding $100. That's just too crazy for my wallet. Sorry, Acaia lovers.

That leaves the others such as Felicity, Hero, Timemore, Hario, etc. Lots of people have reviewed these, but not one person mentions the thickness. They're all too thick to be practical on a drip tray with a full size coffee mug. Sure, they're fine for shot glasses, but on many machines, you won't be able to fit a 12oz mug onto it without interfering with the portafilter.

So.....does anyone know of a cheap scale, with timer, and sized less than 30mm high with the silicon pad?

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#2: Post by spressomon »

I know, I said... :lol:

But after a few $25 scales that ended up in the donate box, a Brewista1 that lasted about 18-months before it went kaput and then not being too enthralled with a Brewista2 I wrung my hands over and over regarding the Acacia Lunar. Then Michael aka @CarefreeBuzzBuzz provided just the right amount of encouragement for me to talk myself into justifying the purchase. And EspressoPart's annual 25% off sale in 2019 was like teflon on the $ in my wallet.

No regrets. And I'm done with my near annual shopping for a scale. Think of all the time you'll save :lol:
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#3: Post by walr00s »

very responsive, .1g increments, has a timer

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#4: Post by Jeff »

Recommended on another thread, though I don't own

Good Cheap Pourover Scale?

1.15" tall (~30 mm), according to the photo on Amazon, $18 today (varies by phase on the moon)

ERAVSOW Coffee Scale with Timer, Digital Hand Drip Coffee Scales,Stainless Steel Kitchen Food Weight Scale with Precision Sensors LCD Display & Hanger Hole 6.6lb/3kg Batteries Include

I also have the Maxus version of the Weightman/Joe Frex/... 1000 x 0.1g at around $10-12 (Weightman version linked above by walr00s)

I don't know how fast it is. I use it for one-cup pour-over. My comments start at Mini scale for Cafelat Robot

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#5: Post by BaristaBoy E61 »

I'm still using our original Joe Frex scale 6+ years later with no problems what so ever. Bought a 500gm calibration weight so I know it's dead accurate and my iPhone provides the best stop watch ever!
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#6: Post by PIXIllate »

Do not own and have not used but the Timemore scale looks like it might fit your requirements.
Personally I use a larger Bonivita to weigh the handle and the Decent Simple scale to weight the shot. The PID on my machine has a timer.


#7: Post by ojt »

I've been pretty happy with the Timemore Black Mirror. Cannot compare except to cheap, small jewellery scales I had before. So compared to those the Timemore is much more solid, has pretty long cut-off time (time to power off when no activity), is responsive enough. The bad side is that it's pretty big for me, but I can live with it and is smaller than the Acaia Pearl (IIRC). I'm also worried the built-in battery will die at some point. Some seem to have received a "monday unit" but mine is perfect for me.