Espresso-related gifts for husband?

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Hi all!
My husband is a coffee buff and roasts his own coffee and owns a Rancilio Silvia and Rocky grinder. He's a bit of a purest and is always looking to perfect the craft. For Christmas this year, I'm looking for espresso-related gift ideas and wanted to ask here, because I'm having a hard time discerning what would be appreciated vs. what is frivolous - ex. espresso spoons? Tamper stand?

As of now, I'm planning on purchasing some microfiber cloths, a nice handmade pottery mug, and paper coffee bags with valves because he often gifts roasted coffee beans to friends and family.

What are some espresso tools or accessories for a Rancilio that you've appreciated? Thanks in advance!

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Maybe a vintage espresso poster?
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An idea of what you're looking to spend and do you have a picture of his espresso area so we can see what he has or I guess what he might be missing?

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For some reason this thread came to mind after reading your post. Perhaps you might find something there.

What is your most unexpectedly useful accessory?


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TenLayers wrote:Maybe a vintage espresso poster?

I just saw this in a coffee shop the other week! It looked fantastic, i hadnt seen it before and thought it actually was a vintage salvage


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I think your idea of espresso spoons is a great idea.
I just bought a set of Umeshiso rainbow espresso spoons, and am very happy with them.
Very reasonable gift!

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Is the Silvia already PID controlled?

Does he do his own repairs on the machine? Do you think he's technical enough to install a PID controller? (There are Youtube videos walking you through the install step by step, if he's the tinkering type he'll enjoy the installation as much as the improvement to temperature-control. ... ucts_id=36

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TenLayers wrote:Maybe a vintage espresso poster?
I have that same poster in my office. It's classic.
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Randy G.

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John's post on the PID kit is a winner! I was one of the very early adopters of the PID about 20 years ago and it was a definite help. I would recommend ... cts_id=104 because it includes steam temperature control as well as adding a timed preinfusion. If Silvia was a cow, this unit milks everything out of a Silvia possible.
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Here's a gift that will be appreciated every day of the year! ... 49225553/r

International Holidays, national holidays, phases of the Moon, religious holidays of all 3 major religions. We've been hanging these 16-month calendars in our kitchen for years. We've even had the artwork cut out from expired calendars to be professionally mounted and are now displayed as wall hangings in our guest room.

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