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#11: Post by MB »

Not Neutral- Lino cups (various sizes and even a mug)

This watercolor artist on Instagram offers prints of her work. Some coffee items, cafes, etc.

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#12: Post by Oskuk »

flight tickets to Italy? ;-)


#13: Post by BaristaMcBob »

Does he have a wire distribution tool?


#14: Post by Splatcat »

Get him a bottomless portafilter if he doesn't have one. Or some new baskets.

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#15: Post by caffeinatedjen »

I am always happy to try a new steam pitcher, I can recommend Motta and Cafelat. Maybe a tamping mat if he doesn't have one? Sweet Marias usually does a nice calendar.

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#16: Post by vecchi della seattle »

A year subscription to Roast magazine.

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#17: Post by MatGreiner »

The WDT tool or a subscription to coffee beans in addition to all the above. For beans, either from a label he likes, or one of the rotating clubs from Clive Coffee, La Marzocco, Seattle Coffee Gear.... A coffee scale would be a big help if he does not have one.

The expertise here on a Silvia is real--Randy G's writing about the Silvia played a big part in my buying (and learning to use!) a Silvia many years ago (me and many others). Even though I've had several machines since, the Silvia/Rocky pair has a warm spot in my heart.

Depending on your price points, there are luxury accessories: I happen to like tools from St Anthony's, for example. Or maybe a new toy, like a Flair Classic or a Cafelat Robot. The manual lever experience is different, fun, and fairly inexpensive.
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#18: Post by Shakespeare »

Deleted. Out of stock:)