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Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

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Espresso only? Clear winner for me is the Strietman CT2. Legions of Strietman lovers on HB, just find the main thread for this hand crafted piece of art and prepare to drool.
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lukas_peters (original poster)

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ahh yes my brother in law owns one and I am well aquatinted with it, it is lovely and a joy to use I find it very forgiving and very easy to pull amazing shots with.
It also has some interesting quirks. almost no head space so no chance of using a scale and why the filter basket doesn't snap into the portafilter i don't know..
after every spent puck your fishing the very hot filter basket out of the knock box.


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Yes there is not a lot of head clearance and the basket is a tad hot if you want to empty is straight away but it doesn't burn the skin, just an ouch.

Cups that have a low profile are better. For example with the Inker Ischia in the pic the head clearance is a non issue.

Personally I don't use scales with the Strietman (the photo is for your benefit) because my take on its design is that is intended to be a simple device and the focus should not be on numbers (pressure, flow rate, grams) but rather on the feel and look of extracting the coffee - that's just me of course. And I have the Decent to nerd out on.

The second photo show how I use the weber shot mirror, more clearly. Saves my back :D

Some people drink coffee to wake up, I wake up to drink coffee.


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I also vote for the Strietman as it wll blow away all of your other options in terms of shot quality. And it'll need a fraction of the maintenance all of the other machines need.

And while headspace is small I've been using a scale underneath my cup for the last 4.000 shots on it so no problem there.

And getting the puck out is really easy without hurting anything. I just take the portafilter out and push the basket out from underneath and put it on my knockbox straight away. Then after I cleaned the machine and finished my espresso I knock out the puck as it's cooled down and no problems of it being hot or needing to fish it out of the knockbox. Yes sometimes the flterbasket falls into the knockbox but for me that's 1 in 300 shots so not really an issue.