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Anyone knows where I can buy a good espresso machine like quickmill, ecm or lelit in Miami or Orlando area?



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Alaska Coffee Roasting on Biscayne in North Miami had a used GS3 for sale, and a couple of other machines. Not sure if the GS3 is still there though.


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Most all of us have purchased from the usual distributers over the internet.

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I believe this is the most sensible answer to your query! In person showrooms seem to be a thing of the past; in fact earlier this year I visited Seattle, and made a point of visiting Seattle Coffee Gear, and was terribly disappointed! While they had some interesting stuff on display, they weren't setup for demonstrations and the salesman was not knowledgeable at all, in fact was actually misinformed about some of the equipment! I've had much better experience with their website, and their chat support!
I am very well acquainted with the owner of Espresso Outlet and you can tell him I recommended him to you. He's very good about shipping and returns, and he's very much personally involved with service, and extremely knowledgeable. Plus he's not a hard sell person at all - in fact I first met him through shopping for equipment, and, in the end after discussing at length my needs and wants, he wound up encouraging me to be an early adopter of the Decent Espresso machine! (After offering me great prices on machines such as the Vesuvius, etc.) I wound up purchasing my Ceado E37s from him, and a few months later Ceado came out with a new version with a much better worm drive type of burr carrier / adjustment knob, and nobody had the upgrade kit in stock; Joe not only found the kit for me, but discounted it by half, and shipped it for free!
I hope it's okay that I give such a shameless plug for this place - I'm sure you can get excellent service from many other sites as well, my point being that I truly believe, at least for this industry, you can have an excellent, and in fact better experience buying from a web based vendor than a traditional brick and mortar type one!

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Thank you!
I will try to contact espresso outlet.