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I am completely ready to purchase anything from a slayer to a modified linea mini. My question is I have a 19" counter. Is it ok to have the machine hanging off the counter say 1/2" like the linea mini would? Otherwise I can get a Decent and that fits. Or I build a rolling cart that 25" deep and I'm back to being open again.


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The front feet on the LMLN are set back maybe 2" from the front of the machine, so it would sit stably on your counter with a little bit of room to spare, should it get bumped. I think most machines are like this, if in doubt someone who owns one could measure for you, or a distributor may be willing to.

That said, between the drip tray overhanging the counter, and the portafilter handle protruding even further out, I feel like it may be a bit awkward depending on the placement within your kitchen. My PF handle hangs beyond the counter and I've caught my head on it once or twice bending down to load the dishwasher.
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NicoNYC wrote:My PF handle hangs beyond the counter and I've caught my head on it once or twice bending down to load the dishwasher.
My machine sits within the counter but the handle of the PF does extend past the counter -- I never keep a PF in unless using it. One thing I would check with the vendor is whether the power cord adds to the "real" depth for the unit. On my QuickMill the machine cannot be pushed all the way to the back of the counter as the power cord plugs into the back, so you may lose a little counter depth there. I am not sure but I would assume some airflow is needed behind the machine as well.

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The counter is 18.75". No power cable is with LMLM. Still. At best it's resting at 19" which means .25" overhang. The knobs are another 2". For a high end compact machine other than a decent I think I have no choice but to build a table for it. I like decent philosophy but aesthetics are nothing compared to slayer or LM.

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I have a tiny galley kitchen. No room at all on a countertop. I got a small SS-topped kitchen cart and encroached on the DR a bit...Boom. It's not plumbed, but I don't drink 25 espressos a day.