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I'm a newbie, and loving all the coffee talk. Thanks.

My dad is 80 this year and suddenly wants 'an espresso machine'. He and my mom drink drip, good drip, but not espresso. They won't be interested in a higher end grinder. But they might go for a grinder/machine combo. My goal is to make them happy with a reasonably priced machine that's easy to operate. If they can get a passable espresso out of the deal I'm golden!

Any suggestions?



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Hi Tim and welcome to HB,

Do your parents want to tinker in espresso prep, or will getting them something like a super automatic or a Breville Oracle, or a Breville Barista Touch with a Breville grinder will work?

What is your budget?


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Maybe the Breville Bambino? Pressurized PF and automatic steaming. This is what my folks have been using for about 6 weeks now. They are happy with it.

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Moka Pot?
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Bring your beans and try a Breville Touch or Express. I helped a friend with her Express. I've had worse espresso.


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I went through this with my in-laws... They have been with us for the last 17 years. I got them a Delonghi Magnifica... I suggest getting them something similar. Jura is another brand to consider or one of those Gaggia Accademia... Any good super automatic machine. A one button press machine that does all for them.

Espresso is not to the level of what I make in mine, but they are happy.... My wife is happy because there is no risk of them burning down our house using it.... And we no longer have the mess in the kitchen from them making their coffee...

Also, they stopped using the spout on the machine for the milk...and now use a Breville milk frother

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hi everybody. took me a minute to figure out that you all responded. thank you for the advice. strangely, now my dad has dropped the whole idea. bit of a head-scratcher...

thanks again.


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There's always a Nespresso machine :)