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I had a similar budget and ended up going with Lelit Bianca and a Niche Zero.

Here's my take-- There are people on here who aren't fans of the E61 (for justifiable reasons) and will likely direct you to either the Breville Double Boiler (lower end) or the Decent (higher end).

It depends on what you want.

I personally really enjoy the daily work flow and while i haven't mastered (or even player around too much) with flow profiling, I like that it's an option to grow with me. I didn't particularly want to geek out on all the Decent has to offer, nor had any desire to mod the Breville.

For me, when paying thousands of dollars for a fixture on a counter, I wanted it to look good and personally don't like the look of either...

If you want an e61, the upper end double boilers (ECM Sync,Pro700, Bianca...) are all fairly similar. I wanted a smaller footprint which, in part, led to my decision.

Could definitely go higher-end (more expensive) grinder than a Niche... but I like single dosing and the price for return felt like a good bang for the buck. Any "better" I don't know that I would have noticed significant return on investment.

Your mileage my vary.


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Coming from the world of Decent and Niche, I will say the Decent is excellent with light roasts but that the Niche is only OK. Many Decent owners have a Niche for medium and darker roasts and then a EK, Kafatek, Lagom, Weber etc for light roasts. But then your budget is shot! You are looking at 3500 for the Decent and another 1500 -3500 for one of the grinders I listed which puts you in the $5-7K.

If you want any chance of hitting your budget then the Breville Double Boiler paired with a Lagom is about the only choice. Otherwise be ready to bust the budget!

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Not that I think the BDB with any good grinder would be a bad choice, But a Decent and a DF64 is still right at the line, budget wise.

natew (original poster)

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Oh, I already busted my budget :D I ended up ordering a DE1PRO and a Turin DF64 as it seemed that it was better for light roasts than the Niche.


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A few Decent owners have gotten the DF64 and the initial reports have been positive. You have now entered a rarified place :D that is going to test you big-time. The Decent is very demanding of excellent puck-prep and so are light roasts. That double-whammy will likely demand many changes. Almost every new Decent owner goes through this. So, be ready for that.

One bit of advice going in is many people walking the line on the budget try to skimp on getting a bluetooth scale. Just buy the dang Skale 2 for $100 so you can setup the Decent to stop-at-weight right off the get-go. One less variable and oh-so-convenient you will wonder how you ever lived without out before.

Welcome to the Decent World.

natew (original poster)

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I have the Skale 2 in fact! I printed a 9 prong WDT tool (0.4mm needles), so I guess all ready to go? It'll take some practice I'm sure.

My original goal was long pre-infusion and then quick extraction (slayer style). Hoping I can replicate this on the Decent. Soooooo many variables to tweak, but I love all the data.