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Marmot wrote:I can also vouch for the Picopresso in combination with a 1zpresso JX Pro. You will not find anything more compact and light but still delivering real espresso. To be honest with the pressure profiling and better heat management you are able to do on the Picopresso you can easily outperform your Gaggia Classic. Keep in mind that any travel set up will make puck preparation a bit more difficult and you have to properly preheat the unit by putting in hot water while preparing the shot.
Do you find you need the adjustment range of the JX? I plan to get (well, keep... I'm playing with both now) the K-Plus since mostly I need it for filter coffee at home or aeropress and think I want the K-burrs... but I would use it with the PicoPresso as well. It's not really a pressurized "basket" but I think it behaves that way so would expect super-fine control to not be needed.


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The K Plus seems to have a grind adjustment with 22 micron where the JX Pro has 12.5 micron steps. I think 22 microns is still fine enough to dial in an espresso on a Picopresso.
The Picopresso works like any other real espresso machine apart from the fact that you put in the hot water manually as well as pumping with your hands. It does not work like a pressurized portafilter and you have to really dial in your shot because all the resistance comes from the puck you prepared.
The Picopresso works similar to a lever machine where you can adjust pressure during the shot. Instead of pulling the lever stronger you just pump faster. Becuse of this you have some leeway for grind size and can for instance pump slower if grind size is too coarse. And of the steps on your K Plus still end up being too far apart for you, you could always adjust the dose. So I think the K Plus will work fine.

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