Espresso machine for beginners

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Hi everybody :)

I decided to buy myself an espresso machine but I have a really limited budget. Around 300€. And I wanted to find a good entry model (I already have a graef grinder, I know grinding is almost more important) I read tons of good things about the gaggia classic but unfortunately where I live (Germany) Phillips has taken over the production and the new model is not as good. And I just can't find a way to buy one. Are there any other comparable machines ? In german forums I read a lot about the delonghi dedica but it seems to be pretty inconsistent.

Thank you!


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Cafelat robot or flair may be a good choice?


#3: Post by tag1260 »

I just got the Flair and can't be happier. Anything you buy is going to have it's quirks so just learn them and work with them. I'm getting beautiful shots already and they taste better every time I pull one and I've never owned an espresso machine.


#4: Post by myso »

Gaggia classic has 3 models (in Europe)
V1: pre 2015
V2: 2015 - 2017
V3: post 2018


V3 is the best model, V2 is the model you mention (SS boiler, no solenoid group, heavily reduced cost with plastic parts etc.)

Gaggia classic V2 is in your price range, gaggia classic v3 is i think around 400€ new.

If you don't care about milk steaming i would also get a flair/robot.

If you want to up your budget in favour of steaming i would then suggest lelit pl41tem (comes with a pid controller and pressure gauge) or you can get a gaggia classic or rancilio silvia and add DIY pid controller (and perhaps also add a needle valve flow control and a pressure gauge like I did to my gaggia evolution).
Alternatively you can look for a second hand rancilio silvia, lelit pl41tem, gaggia classic (and perform deconstruction of part and cleaning descaling of the components) than add a pid controller.