Espresso machine and grinder with budget around 1800€: help please!

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Rui Cardoso

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Hi everyone :)

I've been searching online during the past month which coffee machine and grinder to buy and I think I'm more confused than ever so that's why I decided to ask you for your opinion and experience.

I don't have any experience with coffee machines in past except for a capsule nespresso machine.

The main purpose of the machine would be espressos, around 5/6 a day and cappuccinos/cortados during the weekend.

From what I've searched and having a budget around 1800€ I've narrowed my list to 3 options.

1 - ECM Classika PID with Eureka Oro single dose - 1879€
2 - ECM Mechanika V Slim with Eureka Oro Single Dose - 1880€
3 - ECM Technika V Profi PID with Eureka Mignon Zero - 1860€

From what I read I think the Classika would be a bit fiddly and would annoy me a bit changing between brewing mode and steaming.

Thanks everyone for your help :)

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#2: Post by buckersss »

You have a healthy budget, I would spend more on the grinder if I were you. I think you'll outgrow any of those grinders quick. That said none of those that I've posted below are single dose by comparison.

At ECS you can get an Olympus 75 for 626 euro! That is great value.

ECS also has the caimano on demand for 750 euro (although I'd skip this if it's not the worm gear version, I would email them to confirm).

I would favour 64mm burr grinder given your budget as there are many burr geometries to choose from down the road. As such the Hey Cafe H1 may not be your first choice but it should be given a look at 636 Euro. Hey Cafe is part of Hemro, so they have that going for them.

This still lets you purchase a double boiler machine - the likes of the Silvia x pro, or Profitec 300.

If you want E61, you can opt for the mechanika or profitec 400 at roughly the same price.

Rui Cardoso (original poster)

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Thank you so much for your help.

After visiting a local coffee shop I think I will stick with the Mechanica VI Slim.

The Eureka Oro Mignon Single Dose has 65mm flat burrs. Why do you think I'll outgrown it?

Anyway, I'll have a look at the grinders you recommend:)

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#4: Post by buckersss »

Unless you hack something together you can't install any burrs from other manufacturers on it. Eureka 65 isn't compatible with Mazzer/SSP 64 - which has more geometries to choose from.


#5: Post by boren »

Why go with an E61 grouphead? Most of these machines take a lot of time to heat up and are not as temperature stable as some of the more modern machines. The main thing that goes for them are the looks (if you're among those who like it) and the option of adding flow control, which is probably not relevant or beneficial to most people who just want to easily get good results and appreciate consistency.

At this budget I would get a dual-boiler non-E61 machine like the Lelit PL92T Elizabeth, Breville/Sage Dual Boiler or Rancilio Silvia Pro X, and add a weight-based grinder like the Baratza Sette 270Wi or the Eureka Mignon Libra. It would also leave you some room under the budget for accessories.


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Quite a variation of ideas, There is Olympus 75 and toygrade Sette mentioned as alternatives in same discussion ;-)
I'd be worried of choosing burrs earliest when thinking of the 4. grinder in 10 years time. And when we are talking of espresso, not huge variations of drinks. I'd say if buying the 100mm grinder for-hifi-gringing the pourover, the Olympus still is on the tabletop with a alligator-smile...


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I wouldn't trade my Sette 270Wi for an Olympus 75 grinder if you paid me (assuming I'd actually have to use it and not just sell it for a new Sette and change). I care a lot more about functionality than about build quality. I can easily replace the gearbox of the Sette every 4 years, but I can never get the Olympus 75 to provide the many functional benefits I get from the Sette, no matter how much money or time I'll invest into it.

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#8: Post by buckersss »

I have not used a sette, so I can't compare. If I were in Europe my money would be on the etzmax, but that is also double the price of those listed.

Eurekas are not without their flaws, I will admit. Fluffy grounds is not one of them though. My atom spits out the fluffiest grinds. How that translates to in the cup, I'm not skilled enough to say. Fact remains that the Olympus performs similar the atom 75, both of which would normally retail for $1400usd. Many have bought at that price point and been happy. So ~600 euro for an Olympus seems like a relative steal.

I personally love worm gears. The H1 has a worm gear, and what looks like a potentiometer, similar to the compak F8/F10. It's not the same as having the sensor in the LUCCA 75 or mahlkonig E80, but those are in a different league. It still seems like great value - although unproven. It is intended to be used as a single doser too by the looks of it. All else being equal, I don't expect this grinder to last as long as it's counterparts with AC motors, but I have to imagine it'll be fine for many many years, as it's backed by Hemro.

Rui Cardoso (original poster)

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Does anyone know how the Mahlkönig X54 compares to the Eureka Mignon Single Dose? I could get my hands on the Mahlkönig for 439€. Seems like a pretty good deal