Espresso machine and grinder upgrade. Opinions needed!

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.
Dr G

#1: Post by Dr G »

Hi, I have a dilemma and would love some opinions for the best combination upgrade.

I currently have a Linea mini and a Mazzer mini.

Option 1) Olympia Cremina and Webber Workshop End Game

Option 2) LM GS3 MP and Webber Workshop Key

Team HB

#2: Post by Jeff »

Welcome to H-B, plenty of opinions here!

What kinds of coffees do you enjoy, what are their roast levels?

How much experience do you have with espresso?

How many drinks do you make in a session, and are they milk drinks?

What do you like and dislike about the Linea Mini?


One of many personal opinions - Most of what you have on your list wouldn't be on my list for my coffees and tastes.

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#3: Post by PIXIllate »

The question about coffee and workflow preferences are good ones that need to be answered first. The Cremina is a machine that has been making fantastic coffee for a lifetime and is still heavily emulated by technology today. The GS3 MP is going to be a fully hands on experience in another direction. If you're not already making excellent coffee with your current setup I wouldn't expect magically different results with new equipment.

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Dr G (original poster)

#4: Post by Dr G (original poster) »

Haha true!

I only drink espresso. I suppose I want to get a better profile of shots. I love the mini but it's not giving me enough!

GS3 is a quality machine but as I understand the paddles don't allow good control whereas the Olympia gives you more control of the profile? Or am I wrong?

Dr G (original poster)

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Thank you for your response.
I mostly drink just espresso. I've been using this machine for a while but I have used other machines including a very old la pavoni lever.
I have x2 double espressos every morning and multiple more doubles throughout the day (probably 4 more :shock: ). Rarely will add milk (literally once a month!).

I wish the LM Linea mini had more ability in extraction... pre infusion etc

Dr G (original poster)

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Re: DE1 vs. new Olympia Cremina

If offered either of these machines brand new... Which machine and why?


#7: Post by ojt »

I think this has been discussed in one way or another many times over now. TLDR is:

- more control, more precision
- longer shots, no limits
- standard 58mm group size
- modern looks
- You get updates / upgrades with the software

- Like the classic looks? You got it
- Like the history? You got it
- Like to pull by hand (or spring)? You got it
- Shorter shots, smaller doses
- Narrower group
- Classic all metal build, shiny stainless steel and brass etc.
- More finicky temperature control (with some practice it ain't that bad)

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#8: Post by drH »

Yes it's so hard to make this choice because the machines are so different and it depends heavily on your coffee interests.
Serving big crowds? Decent.
Fast back to back shots? Decent.
Classic looks? Cremina.
Construction to last 50 years? Cremina.
Amazing espresso. Both.
Latest high tech advancements? Decent.
Simplicity with no digital controls? Cremina.

Dr G (original poster)

#9: Post by Dr G (original poster) »

Cremina with a pressure profiler?
Mastering the cremina or just running algorithms....


#10: Post by John49 »

For espresso only, you might also consider the Strietman CT2.