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Ordered the EG1 a while ago - hoping it'll arrive this week.
I'm thinking the Olympia with pressure Profiler will give unbeatable coffee.
Does anyone have the decent? And have they tried it's in comparison to the Olympia? How well is the decent built? Does it feel like a solid machine or flimsy?

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At last Chicago-Milwaukee HB get together I watched owner of Decent Espresso v1 use his machine. There are apparently many profiles as one can devise and large community to share ideas/profiles. I studied the machine and listened to espresso experts there. It is solidlly built. The Decent is not my cup of tea. Interestingly, the Decent's owner also has Cafelat Robot and it is not his daily driver espresso brewer. At the end of day: in the cup matters. It is just different paths there.

Across from Decent (and Monolith Flat and Monolith Flat Max) station was my Son's (my former) 1990 Cremina with naked-portafilters' (Gabor Laszko's) piston rod pressure gauge and Helor 106. As you probably know, the Cremina (with replacement of a few wear parts) will last generations. Heck, its electronics are so few that I figured it out (out of curiosity). Something like Decent (and my Quickmill Alexia PID) *no way* I'd know my way around without a service manual, wiring diagram and/or electrical engineering degree.

In the cup, with Decent set to manual level profile I doubt non-expert palates can tell significant difference in-the-cup vs. Cremina running with Smart Espresso Profiler (e.g. both with same preinfusion time and pressure, same peak pressures, same declining pressure profile and same flow rate).

IMO, using Cremina with Smart Espresso Profiler (SEP) is great for repeatability as provides so much data. But IMHO it kinda defeats the defining feature of Cremina: simplicity. Once espresso stream starts, keeping flow stream size constant is what I look for. Some like seeing SEP data. I don't and it's one more electronic part that may fail in 30 years.

I do have Gabor Laszko's analog pressure gauge. I like it as analog. And it provides just enough data (besides main Cremina's lever resistance) to get repeatable shots once bean roast is dialed in. But realize even this analog gauge is not recommended by many Cremina aficionados. You can search HB for my discussion of analog pressure gauge or not with moderator "DrGary".

The rest of Cremina will last at least another 30 years with routine simple maintenance and replacement of few wear items (e.g. piston seals, various rubber o-rings from hardware store). I am pretty sure the analog pressure gauge will too.

Adjacent to the Cremina with pressure gauge was my Cremina replacement: Cafelat Robot with pressure gauge. This is even more analog vs. Cremina as no electronics at all. Like the Cremina it will outlive me and my next few generations.
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