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poison wrote:In other words, the wife's opinion isn't critical. So....why did you bring it up?

Lol, new guy with an attitude, huh? Relax, my friend, this isn't this serious. Enjoy the hobby/passion/profession, and enjoy the wealth of knowledge here!
Apparently neither was yours!

Don't confuse disagreement with attitude. Thanks for the warm welcome, cheers my friend.

OP, do let us know what you end up with.


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I've always been intrigued by levers, and I think they make a great add on to a pour over setup, because then you've likely already got a kettle. As a dedicated espresso setup there's a trade off in simplicity of mechanics and small increase of complexity in workflow (having to boil your own water and put it in). Whatever it is, we all get used to our preferred equipment and workflow. The important part is that we enjoy the result.


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meshkaffe wrote:
My wife won't have a choice but she'll probably want to learn and if she doesn't I'll just make them for her.
I guess you told her!


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I haven't told her anything. She doesn't have to tell me when she buys any louboutin or dior *shrug*

You came here just to post that? :lol: