Espresso grinder to pair with Fellow Ode brew grinder

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I am looking for an espresso grinder that I can pair with an Ode grinder -- unless of course I would be best advised to ditch the Ode and get something that can do both.

I know that the Niche is one possibility, but my sense from people is that it just isn't as great at pour-over coffee as the Ode, and since I really like my pour-over, I'm loath to get rid of the Ode.

My other limitation is space. I just don't have room (in a NY apt) for some big old grinder thing. I could get a manual grinder, but I'm not keen on hand grinding.

So the grinder that keeps coming up for me is the Lagom Mini, despite the fact that it seems to have an annoying sound. But I'm curious what others would say. Has anyone else thought about what to pair with an Ode for espresso that isn't too big? Am I thinking about this all wrong?


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Coming soon. ... 43290.html

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Tony d

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I've been getting good results with the niche for pourover. If I grind in the range of the suggestions on the grinder It definitely grinds way finer than I'd expect but I've been doing a 18:1 coffee to water and getting nice tasting coffee. My wife prefers to go all the way past the markings so the pointer is at the lid and she's doing like a 14:1 and getting good results.
The niche was an upgrade for me from a baratza encore so my experience with grinders is narrow but I'm happy with the results.

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#4: Post by Jeff »

I enjoy the Mini quite a bit. The shots have good complexity and balance, for my tastes. I agree that it doesn't have the sound of an $1,800 grinder, but I don't find its sound annoying. As long as you're generally making a few shots at a time, I find it a good option for the coffees I enjoy.

shrugrice (original poster)

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Thank you for sharing your experience @Jeff. Do you have any concerns about the grinder -- other than those that might arise from comparing it to an $18000 grinder? For example, ways that it limits your exploration of espresso?

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#6: Post by Jeff »

I wouldn't suggest the Mini if you're regularly pulling several shots in a row. Option-O has a note on suggested duty cycle. Other than that, I found that it sat comfortably next to the LM Micra turning out very enjoyable shots. I've thrown coffees lighter than Tim Wendelboe at it with my DE1 as well.

The work flow isn't as smooth as a Niche Zero or P64. It's a lot neater and less jarring to my ears than a DF64. It's tiny, which may be a meaningful advantage in your space.

For my light-roast tastes, I enjoy the espresso from the Mini better than the Niche Zero and in the same class as the better of the 64 mm burr sets.