Espresso grinder needed under $1200 budget. Have options, please help!

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

#1: Post by genuflect82 »

I have been reading and getting tips/insights from here all the time.
But, it is my very first post!

machine: breville DBD
what for: 100% espresso 5 shots per day
beans: have not found "the bean" for me(maybe not forever). So, I am going to explore light to dart roast.
budget: around 1k, I can stretch $1500 but hope not.

- I am in 3rd pre-order for DF64 which means it may arrive in Aug. But, I am not 100% sure that it is a right choice for me.
- Now I have a cheap hand grinder which is awful.

Here are some options that I found from 2 weeks of reading/watching time.(day and night lol)

1. just wait for DF64
2. cancel the DF and buy something else that are available to ship today!!
2a. Eureka Mignon XL
2b. atom 75
2c. niche zero from the bay $1100
or something else. Please let me know!

3. cancel the DF and buy something else that I also have to WAIT!!
3a. buy Eureka oro Single Dose(looks like the machine that I need, but again no idea that I can get it on my hand)
3b. niche zero whenever available. looks like not this year.

Thank you for reading!!

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#2: Post by emradguy »

$1100 for a Niche is insane! Someone is trying to take advantage of a desperate customer...akin to price gouging. Yeah, it's a great grinder, but I honestly wouldn't pay that much for one, given the retail price is around $700 (iirc). I actually was thinking of selling mine, now that I have an MC4, but I decided to keep it as part of my car travel kit.

I would suggest buying a better hand grinder to hold you over while you wait for the 64. It was my first thought before you said you have a crappy one. A good one is definitely worth getting, as it'll serve you very well for travel...especially if you decide to buy a Flair or something of similar quality down the road.

Now, take this with a grain of salt, as I've not used the 64, Mignon or Atom.

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genuflect82 (original poster)

#3: Post by genuflect82 (original poster) »

Thank you for the reply.

I have no plan to travel with my coffee gears. So, buying another hand grinder is not an option for me. :D


#4: Post by luvmy40 »

Keep your eye on the used market here and on fleabay, etc. I was able to get a gently used DF64 and cancelled my Pre Order with EO. They say you can cancell any time before it ships.

I'd wait for the DF64. It really is a nice grinder. Not flashy or trendy or even beautiful, but it works well. The latest model may not even need any modifcation to the declumping assy.

genuflect82 (original poster)

#5: Post by genuflect82 (original poster) » replying to luvmy40 »

Thank you for the reply.
I canceled it right before your comment. :shock:


#6: Post by MemPast »

You mentioned light to dark roasts, so any of the Eurekas with flat you mentioned should be excellent choice.
You pre-ordered DF64, so I guess you want single doser, and if that is the case, I think XL is your best bet. A reviewer mentioned that XL retains coffee. A bellow should solve the problem (and should solve the issue for the Atom too).

genuflect82 (original poster)

#7: Post by genuflect82 (original poster) » replying to MemPast »

I canceled df64.
Looking at XL also waiting for Oro SD news everyday. idk when can I buy it from US vendor.

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#8: Post by BaristaMcBob »

My biased recommendation is the Ceado E37J. Same as the other E37 but has a smaller burr set. That said, the burrs are still large and the machine itself is a technical marvel and work of engineering perfection. I have two of them. As I said, I'm biased :)

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#9: Post by Capuchin Monk »

Another recommendation for Ceado E37J based on the choices you posted and yes, I am biased too since I own one. Here is a tip on how to make it more like a single doser grinder.


#10: Post by SandraF »

I have a Eureka Atom 75, which I bought along with my Synchronika in February and will attest that it is a fantastic grinder.

As I've said before it is extremely quiet, FAST (with 4 oz. beans in the small hopper it takes precisely 3.0 seconds to grind 18g of medium roast coffee). THREE seconds! It has 75mm flat burrs which are well aligned from the get go. It has a counter for both single shots & double shots, a manual button that you press if you want to bypass the timed doses. Plus a LIGHT that shines into the center of the portafilter basket. I swear, I wish more folks would talk about the light. You wouldn't think you would need a light, but once you work with a grinder with a spotlight on the basket, it seems odd to imagine a grinder without one.

The grounds are FLUFFY and the grinder is very easy to clean.

I have the Chrome one, which is $100 more than the black, white or red. They are readily available to order too. Note: Some places sell them with the smaller hopper as standard and others sell them with the tall hopper. Clive Coffee, where I bought mine sells the Atom 75 with the short hopper, so make sure which hopper you're getting. Also, I've tried single dosing and do not recommend it for that. ... f=grinders

Good luck.