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Postby jyl » Feb 27, 2019, 3:46 pm

Circling back to confess what I've done.

I picked up a used Estro Profi for very little $.

Why? Well, the seller of the $30 FrancisFrancis never replied. And I took a harder look at my daughter's kitchen counter situation.

In college, I lived in some places with minimal kitchens. I didn't care, because we ate Top Ramen for four years straight. My daughter, however, is a very accomplished cook - she works every summer running a commercial kitchen serving 250 people per meal - and does a ton of cooking and baking. So it is unfortunate that her kitchen has just four tiny runs of disconnected countertop, each only about 2 feet wide. On which she fits dish rack, microwave, Hobart mixer, Ninja blender, cutting board, toaster, electric kettle, etc. We measured and her available counterspace for espresso is only about 16" x 16".

There's only one way to fit an espresso operation in 16" x 16" for less than $100, that I know of.

Naturally, the machine didn't actually work when it arrived, but the issues were easily fixed.

I used the machine and my impression is . . . well, its a start I guess.

She'll move to a different apartment next year, maybe she'll have more room and can pass this Estro Profi to her little brother who will be moving into a freshman dormitory room.
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