Endgame Hopper Grinder - Mahlkonig vs Eureka Atom vs ?

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.
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#1: Post by DentalBeans »

Hello! I'm looking for a hopper grinder to upgrade my Barista Pro grinder (followed by a machine upgrade to Decent but one step at a time..). After manual grinding with a JX Pro for a while, I've decided it's just too much work for us to weigh beans out, dose them individually, etc, especially when we don't change our beans out so for ease of use, I've ruled out the single dose and I'm looking at the following hopper based grinders:

1) Eureka Atom 75 (will wait for the new touch screen model coming out in a month or two)
2) Mahlkonig e65s gbw.
Any other suggestions are welcome with the caveat they have to look nice on the counter - sorry ceado :) (Acaia orbit looks promising but it's not out yet).

I like the idea of GBW but from what I've read, the Eureka is relatively accurate with its time based grinding (within .2-.3g every time) and I'm not sure I'll be able to tell the difference in cup considering that's like... 1 bean. I'd love to go down the rabbit hole but I'm just trying to keep it easy, tasty, with a nice workflow. I drink mainly medium/medium dark roasts (Dragonfly Crema Dulce, Commonwealth Joe Skyline, etc) and may experiment with a bit lighter later but I really don't like the acidic/fruity third wave style espresso flavors. I really like the milk chocolate/smooth flavor. We vacuum seal the beans when we get them in bulk and then add to the hopper once a week to refill (probably about 12-14oz of coffee a week). Money isn't really an issue but I'd prefer to not spend an extra grand or two on a grinder if the difference will be minimal/barely noticeable. Does anyone have both of these grinders and able to compare or any recommendations for me?

Thanks in advance!

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#2: Post by LindoPhotography »

I've had the Eureka Atom 75 and it's a beast, I didn't test it out too much since I'm always single dosing and it's not ideal for that, but it grinds super fast and quiet, I noticed a big difference in how much you grind in like 3 seconds with the hopper full, so you'll want to keep the hopper topped off about the same for consistency. I never used the other one, but I think that E65 GBW one looks awesome and the GBW feature seems like it would make things a lot nicer. I heard good things about the burrs in that one, or at least the larger E80. I believe there is a E80 GBW out there somewhere? See if you can track one of those down. But I think you'd be happy with either Atom 75 or E65 GBW.

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#3: Post by Jeff »

Acaia Orbit has possibilities, first drop is in a couple of weeks.

EK43S would be one of the few 98 mm options that I'd consider that offers a hopper.

The Atom 75 is a great grinder if you're looking for classic espresso flavors. If that's the flavor profile you're looking for, there may be more appropriate or at least more affordable machines than the DE1, but that is a different discussion.

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#4: Post by GLT »

E37T. A taller, not squat, and looking fine, Ceado. A fast, fluffy, quiet grind with 83mm titanium burrs. So, no need to endlessly seek satisfactory burr tastes. 3CPO didn't look bad, if one looked. Neither did the Niche. Swap the majestic hopper if height needs to be shortened, and whatever you buy, enjoy.

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#5: Post by buckersss replying to GLT »

I have the Ceado E8D, which supposedly has the same internals as the E37T. It is built like a tank and can totally take a bullet. I love the metal chute on the Ceados. I imagine with a worm gear it's slick, I may get that. I haven't seasoned my burrs yet, and they aren't coated, but they seem pretty traditional and a bit harsh imo. Maybe they'll taste different when seasoned. I wonder if the stock atom burrs would beat it out. I'm not sure the E37T is worth the premium price tag. That said it is great build quality, it probably has the edge on the Eureka in this regard. Definitely appreciate the 3 year warranty on it too.

With regards to the Atom, I would think either of the LUCCA75, Nuova/Victoria MDJ are hands down better than the Atom 75. MDJ is ugly as sin but spins at around ~1150 rpm vs the 1740 rpm of the LUCCA or Atom 75.

Maybe consider a Mazzer Super Jolly Vpro? Gives you options to try lots of 64mm burrs.

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#6: Post by lancealot »

Curious as to why you could think the Lucca 75 would be hands down better than the Atom 75. Aren't they basically the same grinder save for the user interface?

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#7: Post by palica »

I would add the Mazzer on the list too, as suggested above. Mazzer is the reference for hopper grinders and a SJ will give you exceptional results and is built like a tank. In polished aluminum, it does have a retro interesting style, even if it is on the big beast.

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#8: Post by buckersss »

lancealot wrote:@buckersss
Curious as to why you could think the Lucca 75 would be hands down better than the Atom 75. Aren't they basically the same grinder save for the user interface?

There is an HB review on it.

Lucca Atom 75 Espresso Grinder Review

A sensor digitally displays the distance between burrs, and it changes as the knob turns. Also has diamond hard burrs. Iirc it used to only be $1450usd. It's gone up in price. All else being equal if one already decided on an atom 75, this makes more sense to me, even with the price bump, if in the USA.

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#9: Post by baldheadracing »

Given money is not an issue, I'd consider a Mahlkoenig E80 Supreme or E80 GBW.

There is also the Bentwood.

At a lower price, I'd look at an Anfim but with SSP 75mm Super Caimano burrs. (An Anfim Super Caimano itself is probably too retro with its doser, but Anfim has other grinders.)
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#10: Post by dfuller »

The Atom 75 is insanely fast (~2.5 seconds for ~18g), very quiet, and has a very easy UI. I also find the burr set (the Mythos geometry) is a good compromise between hyper-modern ultra clarity designs and very muddy classic designs, plus the SSP burr option. The Lucca is a better choice in the US as it solves the only real issue with Eureka's grind adjust system, because it will tell you the burr gap on screen.

However given effectively no budget limit, an E80 GBW is an excellent choice - it's more consistent dosing as it's weight based instead of time based. If there were an Atom 75 gravimetric, I'd say that would be a no-brainer.