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baldheadracing wrote:
At a lower price, I'd look at an Anfim but with SSP 75mm Super Caimano burrs. (An Anfim Super Caimano itself is probably too retro with its doser, but Anfim has other grinders.)
Anfim cody/scody build quality is top drawer. Have you tried the 75mm anfim SSP burrs? If yes, mind sharing how you think they taste?

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buckersss wrote:Anfim cody/scody build quality is top drawer. Have you tried the 75mm anfim SSP burrs? If yes, mind sharing how you think they taste?
No, I haven't. However, that burrset has a ringing endorsement - it is used in Titus' Nimbus grinder:
titusgrinding on IG wrote:... The 75mm SSP with 45mm prebreaker does a great job (compromise) for ALL brewing methods and ALL roast levels. Equipped with 75mm SSP Anfim Super Caimano burrs, which gave us the best result compared to all 74mm and 75mm burrs we tested. ...
- from https://www.instagram.com/p/CjGTTRbN9Tc/

Also, I don't know if Titus' EK43 hopper with volumetric doser will fit on the Nimbus grinder, but that would be what I'd want for a "hopper" espresso grinder - well, that or dual hoppers with volumetric dosers on the Titus 68 Hybrid.
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Very cool, Ty for the link. Gotta be one of the few, if not the only grinder other than the anfim that uses that burr size. Love seeing that, bc I imagine it can only increase the chances of seeing more geometries at that size.


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palica wrote:I would add the Mazzer on the list too, as suggested above. Mazzer is the reference for hopper grinders and a SJ will give you exceptional results and is built like a tank. In polished aluminum, it does have a retro interesting style, even if it is on the big beast.
Both the atom 75 and MK e65S will run circles around a SJ. Those are far superior grinders.

The Atom is a truely great grinder that gives superb grind quality, is fast and consistent. You can also have a look at the Victoria Arduino Mythos 2 but that's a very expensive grinder but is top notch. The normal Mythos has the same burrs as the Atom 75.


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I had a SJ and currently have a Caedo E37S. The Caedo is a different class above the SJ in ease of use, fluffy grinds, grind adjustment, and overall build quality. The SJ is built like a tank but feels more "crude." They are priced accordingly. If I was paying new money for something, it wouldn't be the SJ for home use. The SJ is a workhorse for a cafe. I can't speak for the others and I know the OP said he didn't care for the aesthetics of the Caedo but it is a joy to use as a hopper grinder.


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I've previously owned the E65GBW. It has a very nice workflow and make good espresso. I also had a Mignon XL and I can't say the espresso between these grinders was all that different. I've heard the Atom is great, however I would say the Mahlkonig isn't better at 2X the price. It will be much larger and you are buying a little easier workflow.