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Hi Guys,
We often drool over the ultimate single dose grinders and seemingly there is a new one out every few months. I am looking for one with hopper. I think the top end are Atom 75 and one of the Mazzer Major (flats) or Maybe a EK43S. There are some things I dont understand. For example Eureka has Helios which have big burrs as well, but I almost never see anyone talk about these, or say the Compak ones.

I care most about quality of the grinder and not speed and volume. What should be on my radar?


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Robur, three-phase
Maybe one of the Mythos series

It's difficult as pretty much by definition hopper grinders are about mass production of adequately good espresso hour after hour, day after day. Hand-crafting one or two excellent ones, with risk of mediocre ones along the way is a different optimization.


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Mahlkonig E80 Supreme. It's supposedly coming in a GbW (grind-by-weight) variant this year. It's the evolution of the Mahlkonig Peak grinder. Both share the burr geometry with Ditting Lab Sweet. This is what I would go for if I only made espresso and didn't care about alternating different beans.

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Iconicred wrote: I think the top end are Atom 75 and one of the Mazzer Major (flats) or Maybe a EK43S. There are some things I dont understand. For example Eureka has Helios which have big burrs as well, but I almost never see anyone talk about these,
The Atom is less robust than the Helios, but the 75mm models are very similar otherwise. I find all the Eureka grinders with 75mm burrs very friendly indeed, especially compared to the Mazzer Major; but I have almost no experience with the Mahlkoenigs.
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If you use the grinder in a private setting I agree with the other comments that you will have to fight a lot with stale beans. Most large grinders have a lot of retention which you have to grind out before getting to fresh grounds and the beans in the hopper will also degrade faster.

Additionally to the grinders mentioned there are also the Versalab or the Titus grinder which deliver an exceptionally good grind. For those and the EK43 (and maybe other grinders?) there is a volumetric dosing tool. You have rings in different sizes pulling out a certain volume of beans each time you pull it. The hopper is more or less closed (at the bottom) and can be taken off when not in use to store at a better place.


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Take a really good look at new Mazzers. The Super Jolly V Pro sounds like something I'd suggest and think would be sufficient "end game" for a home user - low retention, durable, in my opinion unbeatable burr quality and geometry (but you could upgrade to SSPs), cooling system (not that you'll need one at home!) and is very consistent. Mazzers are known for their build quality.

Eureka grinders are of low quality build, Helios is known to be a trouble-maker.

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Thank you all.

What prompted this was the fact that I am on a set of 50mm flats right now with a Weber Key arriving. Assuming I love the Key, I thought I may upgrade the 50mm flats. I am a believer generally of buy it once buy it right. With the Key I should be happy with an incredible looking large conical (yes looks are also important to me) and now I want to think about a great set of flats. The Key is already a SD.... the question is should I look at a set of SD flats? or on demand hopper flats? normally we make single drinks.... but sometimes friends come over and I do 4 or 5 in a row.


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Have you considered the Baratza Forte? Not a big upgrade mm wise from what you have, and it doesn't have the bling factor of a boutique single-dose grinder, nor the commanding countertop presence of a giant commercial grinder, but it is compact and low retention, and can be used both for single dose and timed grinding from a hopper. A lot of people have compared it favorably to much larger, more expensive grinders (though that may be after alignment, I'm not sure about out-of-box experience).
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Not sure about endgame but Eureka Atom 75 with small 300g hopper and bellows could be good enough. You can single dose it if you want fresh beans but Let's face it, most use hopper anyway. Put in 200g beans that you use in a week (for example) and that's it. Other beans is stored in good vacuum jar. Atom is low retention anyway and you let a small flgrind through the next morning.

I'm planning to do the same with Eureka Oro XL.