End game grinder suggestion for La Marzocco Leva X setup

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.
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Hello HB people

Its been a very long time since I visited this forum or looked into espresso in general, I started with a Beeville about 15 years ago, transitioned to a Rocket about 8 years ago, and have stuck with it up to about a year ago when I saw the new La Marzocco Leva X, it was love at first sight. The Lamborghini of espresso machines is right up my ally with that sleek design, exposed mechanical parts, and manual mechanical interaction. As someone who is into mechanical wristwatches and cars this is the machine for me!

I am now in a financially feasible position to buy the machine, and would like to get the right grinder for it. I really want a grinder that would do the machine justice.

Which grinders would you say are a match for the Leva X?

Side note, are the Mahlkonig grinders still considered top of the game? The EK 43 is available locally and is easily serviceable if needed

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"There is no endgame"

What burrs you choose generally make a lot more difference than the grinder spinning them.

What coffee styles you enjoy will impact which burrs you might like. Certain grinders are more limited on their burr choices than others.

Your preferences around workflow will impact which grinders you will likely eliminate.

Without knowing a lot more about your preferences and expectations, there isn't a lot meaningful to discriminate among options.

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Thank you for your reply.

As far as work flow, currently it's Rocket Fausto to OCD distributor to manual tamp to Rocket V60

As far as coffee, I mostly enjoy single origins but do blends often, I would say 80/20

I am looking to upgrade my whole work flow, new tools and a better technique is definitely required, I have no idea what burrs I would want....

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Congrats on the LEVA X purchase decision. I am not such a fan of its handle design but I admire mechanically intricate it appears to be and there's no doubt its one of the most ultimate level levers you can get today.

If its ek43 that is readily available which means you have strong mahlkonig dealer support where you are, then the new ek43 OMNIA that was just launched at host milano should be considered seriously by you. Getting other more dedicated single dosing grinders like kafatek or weber or lagom usually.means directly buying them from their manufacturers and so you may lack the local dealer support.
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How many coffees per day, week etc do you make?

Is there a "surge" scenario such as entertaining guests etc?

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Thank you for your comments gents.

And for the EK Omnia suggestion. I just took a look at a few videos and early impressions and that's Perfect! You just made my decision a heck of a lot easier, German engineering, local support, long heritage of making proven reliable grinders, value retention in case of a future change, and a marvel if electronically assisted mechanical perfection. Done!

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I make two espressos a day for myself. Well, I make more but what I actually drink is two, the rest are the cost of dialing in the days coffee, the Fausto and V60 combo is tepremental. I do hope this new setup, once reasonably mastered, will have a higher success ratio.

I do entertain often, and will probably keep the Rocket in the kitchen for that. The EK and Leva X will be in my man cave and I only host friends over once a month for cigar night.

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How about something from Kafatek? Or a Titus Nautilus? Weber EG-1?

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Quite a few Leva X owners on the Kafatek fourm.

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If your budget permits, perhaps a mix like MC5 + EG-1. Big, low rpm conical + a big flat should cover most of your bases coffee-wise while allowing you to play around with different burrs.