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Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.
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#11: Post by Ad-85 »

I'd avoid any early production grinders. I got a monolith max in April 21 and it went through a lot of changes before the current form which might be the final form. MK Omnia's sweepers scratch the grinding chamber and here's a photo of the marks (taken in Milan 2023)

Lagom 01 with 98mm mizens is promising. Costs 2650 for all black which is reasonable! Cheaper than any other equivalent single dosing flat grinder and supports other burrs too.
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#12: Post by GregoryJ »

If I were getting a hopper fed grinder, I would go for a dose by weight model. The new Eureka Atom 75 looks interesting, but if you're sparing no expense then the Mahlkonig e65s or e80s GBW is probably great.

If you tend to switch coffees over the course of a day, then a single dosing grinder would be a better fit. I've been very happy with the Niche Zero and Duo, but they may not match the aesthetic you're going for. The Lagom P64 looks pretty sleek, and there are tons of 64mm burr choices. This is nice since you don't know what kind of profile you prefer yet.

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I got my Leva 1,5 years ago. I use it in our roastery and do events with it. The Acaia Orbit joined only a month ago and I enjoy this grinder the most so far. We have the EK, the Key mk1, the Eureka Atom, the Olympia Moca, and several manual coffee grinders (HG1, Mahlgut-1, a few Lidos, Kinus, and the Fixie).

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Easy decision! Titus 68mm hybrid, no RDT or WDT, just tamp and go. It'll match well with the Leva X.