End game grinder: EG-1, Kafatek MC4 or Flat Max?

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

#1: Post by sunnynights123 »

i would like to purchase an end game grinder for espresso use exclusivley . I have been using the niche, but and not super duper happy with the performance. for filter its always too strong and the espresso i dont get the richness / sweatness and openess to flavours i was expecting. after a few year of use i have upgradeitits.

I am looking for a grinder for espresso only. i grind only medium /light /. fellow drops type coffees. i am really looking for well balanced , rich, sweet espressos. should i stick with a conical or try flat burrs?


#2: Post by drH »

If you already have a Niche I say give a flat burr a try to see if it makes a difference. I'd see if you can meet up with someone and try a Monolith Flat/Max or EG1 just to get a sense for the results and whether they suit you.

I had a Niche and enjoyed it, but eventually settled on a 64mm flat (for now). I'm also considering future upgrades to support medium to light roasts.

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#3: Post by JB90068 »

I've got an EG-1 that I can tell you about if you want. I use it only for espresso and with medium roasts.
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#4: Post by Haskens »

I have a Monolith Max from the 2020 run (still with the SSP LU burrs). It's a superb grinder, great for espresso but also does a really good pourover. I don't really have much by the way of complaint after almost two years of use (and I'm quite critical about my coffee kit, I had a couple big criticisms for my old Niche, and have a lot of criticisms for my DEPro).


#5: Post by exidrion »

If richness and sweetness is what youre after, I'd say conicals, thus MC4, but if youre not happy with the Niche, I'm not sure you'll find it worth it. I personally found a massive difference between my Specialita, but that was a flat burr at less than have the price of the MC4. Maybe elaborate a bit more on what you're looking for? Evenso it's hard to give constructive advice, and even harder when there's a ton of confirmation bias around.


#6: Post by Entreri »

I would add Lagom P100 to that list.

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#7: Post by luca »

These questions are usually along the lines "I don't have many requirements, I just want the thing that is the best at everything, with no compromises."
I would suggest one of two courses of actions. Either buy whatever you think is best, for whatever irrational reason, stop reading reviews and just assert that it is the best OR accept that you probably can't maximise all desirable qualities, make a decision about what you want to maximise and start asking very specific questions about how two specific things compare in one specific aspect with a particular roast level if you can't find the information that you need.

If you haven't already seen it, James Hoffmann has gone through the EG1 and the Max (with one of the new sweet burr sets) here:

http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL ... k8zOAyL0uS

Michael Fabian has also gone through the EG-1 and the MC4 here:

http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtW-rUU ... SWg/videos

So that should give you some information to compare the grinders you're asking about, which is probably about as good as you can realistically expect to get.

As for roast levels, it's pretty difficult to know what people mean by things like "medium", since everyone seems to describe their roasts as "medium". I think that this is really because roasters want to be able to just assert that their roasts are goldilocks for everyone; they're dark enough for the dark roast lovers, light enough for the light roast lovers, they aren't under, over, baked or charred, they maximise the distinctiveness of the coffee and they bring about world peace and will make you lose weight. If you're not realistic in describing your roast levels when your'e shopping for grinders, you run the risk of misleading yourself into buying a burr set that will perform poorly with them. But it's a bit chicken-and-egg; if you buy a grinder that doesn't perform well with the coffee that you like now, you might end up changing to coffee that performs better with the grinder that you do buy.
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#8: Post by LBIespresso »

Between those three, the difference of how appealing to you they look on the counter will likely be more than the difference in your enjoyment of owning one over the others.

You will spend more time looking at them then using them :lol:
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#9: Post by BlueWater »

luca wrote:These questions are usually along the lines "I don't have many requirements, I just want the thing that is the best at everything, with no compromises."
Often followed by "Now that I'm part of the elite club who owns "x", tell me the magic recipe to make the best espresso with no understanding or effort required."

I didn't get that sense from OP, but Luca is spot on-have some idea of what your preferences are before asking for advice and realize "best" is relative to use case and user.

sunnynights123 (original poster)

#10: Post by sunnynights123 (original poster) »

i would love to hear more. I think the EG1 is in range (whenever it becomes available) and feels like the top choice at the moment. I am okay with the quirks in the workflow. just not sure if i should go with a high end conical instead (or the conical from Webber)