EMP Mod on La Marzocco Linea Mini, or buy a GS3 MP?

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Hi everyone -

I have a LMLM that's about 2 years old. Works great, and I really enjoy it. When I bought it I was eyeing up a GS3 MP but counter height didn't allow. That issue is resolved, and so a GS3 is back on the table, but I'm debating instead doing the EMP mod on the LMLM, and curious what others think about that mod vs a GS3.

The EMP mod is pretty pricey, about US$2k, however I have heard nothing but good things about it. As an alternative, I could probably sell my LMLM and get a lightly used GS3 MP for a comparable amount for a comparable amount. Having not used a GS3 I'm not too sure on how good the flow control is vs the EMP mod, and what be the overall better spend

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#2: Post by Ypuh »

Depends if you consider resale value. You likely won't see much back from the $2k investment. People simply don't like modded machines, even if they would like to mod it eventually.

Personally the GS3 MP would be too large for me. It simply doesn't fit my coffee table, and also I like the looks a lot less than that of a Mini (these reasons are not that important).

More important are differences in function. The GS3 MP bypasses excess water for lower pressure through the drain. If you use a reservoir and/or bottled water, you'll be wasting lots of it. Second, the gear pump adds a different experience/level of control and also operates very quietly.

It's hard to tell which one is better also because I don't have first hand experience, but if you could buy a LMLM from the factory with a gearpump and flow control, it would be an easy decision for me (and the end of the GS3-line).
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Well, take it for what it's worth, but the guy who does the EMP mod also works on the GS3 and believes the Linea Mini has better temp stability. It also wastes less water. I may be biased, but I think the EMP mod Linea Mini is perfection.


#4: Post by Milligan »

An alternative is a GS3 AV with the Jake valve mod. Mod is roughly $200 or so and is well documented here if you want to take a look. Easily reversible for resale.