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I was kind of surprised when I saw that out of all the detail-oriented, gadget-collecting members on this forum, I didn't really see much in the search results for electric kettles. Surprising. But hey, maybe I'm the first ask. Or maybe nobody is really that picky on how the water gets to boiling.

Anyway, I'm looking for an electric kettle to convert my wife from our stovetop kettle. What we'd like is the absolute most minimal design, preferably an on/off switch and a whistle to know when it's done boiling (whistle is an aesthetic must-have). We don't need or want accurate temp readings, just up to boiling as fast as possible please. All-metal or mostly-metal construction would be preferred, for long life. Used 6x daily, mostly for her tea but also french press. No preference on gooseneck vs. traditional pour, no budget concerns, just something basic and metal and simple for constant daily use. I like the look of the Fellow kettles available, but I'd love to get opinions on people who have had them, how simple and easy the interface is.

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I bought the fellow for americanos, no whistle but then I couldn't live with the whistle

Nice design, get hot super quick; got a second one for the weekend place as well 8)


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Well, here's the thing...the heater and temp control mechanism for all reputable kettles are made by STRIX. So, if you're kettle claims to have STRIX components, then you're good to go.

Also, a typical kettle consumes 1500 watts (North American power). If you want faster heat up time, look for a 1700 watt model.

Features *I* care about are: Dual wall construction to retain heat; a keep hot function so it doesn't cool down because I forgot to pour my tea exactly when it reached boil, and a fast high wattage heating element. I also need at least 1.7 liters for more thermal mass and for brewing with my large Chemex.

Otherwise, there are hundreds of brands out there, so looking for advice on the forum is futile, IMHO. Especially since you are not looking for ANY features, other than it being all metal.

Also, you won't find one with a whistle. The point of the whistle is to let you know to turn off the stove. Electric kettles shut themselves off. So, there's no need for whistle. The cheap $20 kettles make a "click" sound when it shuts off.

So, just order an all metal 1700 watt kettle with STRIX components for around $20 USD. There are dozens of them here:

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We have several.

The ones that just have a switch to come to boil are super quick. Kind of crazy. It gets to a boil and shuts off. If you get to it two minutes later it's cooked a bit but just turn it on again and 10 seconds later it's boiling.

The ones where you set the temp (we have a Fellows Stagg, and a Bonavita) will hold the temp you set so you don't really need to hurry to turn it off. But these slow down a bit when they get to your temp so they are slightly slower. And I never really set these to boil, for some reason. I don't want to keep it boiling and just set it to the temp I actually want.

Gooseneck kettles are more precise at the pour but also slower to pour.

My wife likes the Bonavita gooseneck for her daily tea. A temp setting is ideal and she sets it differently for different teas.
I like the Stagg just for its looks... it just sits in a corner unused. It is actually faster to scroll to the temp setting, so that nice.
But I like the cheap boil-only one for use with our Robot espresso maker because I want it to boil quickly and pour quickly.


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Before there were temp controlled gooseneck kettles, most of us were used basic kettles (like the $20 one from costco with on/off switch) and poured that into the Hario Buono Kettles. I've used variations of the basic kettles and for straight up heating, they work great. Value wise, they are hard to beat.

At my office, I ended up buying a Zojirushi CV-DCC40 4.0L water boiler because some days I would do 1 pourover, others multiple ones. If you need hot water 6x throughout the day, it may be more economical to boil in the AM and keep it warm throughout the day. It has multiple temperature settings and plays a short tune ( or beep/ no beep) when it reaches the preferred temperature.


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I use the Brewista Smart kettle, increments of 1 degree etc... works well, good flow/pour, will beep when it's done.

James Hoffman did a comparison video a little while back which you might find interesting.

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BaristaMcBob wrote:

Also, you won't find one with a whistle. The point of the whistle is to let you know to turn off the stove. Electric kettles shut themselves off. So, there's no need for whistle.
Please don't take this as a stubborn reply where I didn't read your response at all; its really not, I really am just ignorant about what's out there. Do you mean to say, there aren't going to be any whistling electric kettles at all? Not even a model that perhaps whistles once before it shuts off? Again, not intending to be obtuse, just want to be thorough, and Google hasn't been very helpful so far.


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I used to brew with a regular electric kettle and a yama gooseneck kettle but it wasn't practical. Then I got a brewista 600ml kettle and it works fine (beeps when ready). I suspect that timor kettle 600ml is better tho. I'd look at both light weight kettles first.
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In order for a kettle to whistle, there has to be steam pressure. That means the water has to remain boiling in order for the steam to blow through the whistle hole.

Electric kettles are not designed to stay on. Once they reach boil, they shut off. Temp control kettles can be set for temperatures lower than boiling.
In that scenario, even if it did have a whistle, there would be not enough steam to make it work. For those reasons, you'll not find an electric kettle with a whistle. It would go against the laws of kettle nature.

If you want an audio indication that your water is ready, you'll have to settle for a short "beep". Regardless, an electric kettle will turn off once the temp has been reached.


#10: Post by NicoNYC »

We got a Bodum Bistro gooseneck. Nothing too fancy, it fit the bill of simple, black, gooseneck, all-metal interior, and 1L capacity for doing chemex.
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