EK style espresso for < $500

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

#1: Post by Word_salad »

I know this is kind of a ridiculous question, but I recently able to experience some light roast EKspresso and it completely blew me away. I'm hoping to be able to at least get close to that without the cost of an actual EK.

There's a few options I've come up with based on browsing this forum:
Kinu M47
Lagom mini?

They all seem to have some issues (obviously not going to get a 3k experience for <$500), so I'm wondering if anyone has any insight. Is there a potential with any of these, or should I just wait for a better option?

Right now I'm leaning towards the DF64 of Ode + SSP (I have an ode for filter that I don't use that much so ode+ssp would be the cheapest)

Also I have a PID'd Pavoni, so I should be able to get close enough with pressure profiling to get good extraction form that.



#2: Post by zefkir »

DF64+SSP MP is perfectly capable of giving you EK-style espresso.

If anything the SSP MP are more unimodal in style than the stock burrs in an EK43. If you sell the Ode, the DF64 is capable of double duty for both espresso and filter.


#3: Post by pham »

I have a Baratza Vario that has undergone the Alicorn procedure and it cost me about $450 total. Pourovers and espresso are in that EK43 style. there are probably differences in side by side tasting between the two but it's definitely close if I'm not trying to pick it apart. A DF64 + SSP set will run you more like $650 but it's probably the option Id recommend.

I also have a Kinu m47 and I've gotten a few shots that were way clearer than I would've thought possible from that grinder, but those were and tasted like a much lower extraction than what I had from the Vario steel burrs. (Thinner mouthfeel, less sweetness, but a really nice, vibrant acidity).