ECM Synchronika top measurements

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#1: Post by Dazgough »

Hi all,

This will be my first post on this fantastic forum.

I'm am about to pull the trigger on an ECM Synchronika that to begin with, won't be mains fed with water.

It will be situated under overhead cupboards and I would like to fill using a a filling funnel.

In order to understand if the funnel I have seen is compatible, can any owners tell me what the measurement is from the back of the machine to front edge at the top? (Not the bottom at the end of the drip tray). I cannot see these measurements advertised anywhere.

Hope you can help.

Kind Regards


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#2: Post by Nunas »

A tad more than 12"

Dazgough (original poster)

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Thank you very much. Much appreciated.

I also meant to ask, do you know how far the portafilter handle protrudes beyond the drip tray when fitted?

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#4: Post by Nunas »

It depends on how tight you turn the handle and what gasket you use. I use the Cafelat blue silicone, which seals well before the handle is at "six o'clock". I turned it down tight to almost six and measure about 4" with the ECM supplied portafilter.

Dazgough (original poster)

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Thanks nunas. Glad I asked, I don't know why but that's more than I thought it might be.

Need to do some more measuring to ensure it does not stick out beyond the work surface :D

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#6: Post by Nunas replying to Dazgough »

I put mine on the counter at an angle, so that the PF handle does not protrude.
Also, BTW, you might want to consider rigging a hose to fill, if your machine is near a faucet. I have the same situation, with very little room at the top of the machine, due to a shelf. A hose is WAY better :wink:

Dazgough (original poster)

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Hi nunas,

I have decided to put mine at a 45 degree angle too. In the corner where two worktops join. Plenty of room here. I believe it will also help with water filling too

I am near my faucet, unfortunately, I have quartz worktops and a. I don't fancy drilling them and b. The wife wouldn't allow it :D

I could of course go out through the wall, along the house a bit and back in by the faucet! :lol:

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#8: Post by Nunas replying to Dazgough »

My hose isn't plumbed in; it's just a bit of clear plastic tubing with an adapter made of additional, larger pieces of tubing so that I can slip over the end of the faucet. Also, for the drain, I just run it from the sump across the counter top to the edge of the sink, as my machine is very close to the sink. No holes needed. I, too, didn't want to drill the counter top.