Easiest lever machine I could source parts for and self service in the US?

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<$1100 total

Breville 870 died at 3 years (pressure) as is the case a lot, and too expensive for them to come out, too hard to open and self service. can't order parts from them like boiler, must be serviced through them and them only.

How easy are la pavoni parts to source and get?


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manimgoindowndown wrote: How easy are la pavoni parts to source and get?
Take a look at Stefano's: https://www.espressocare.com/products/l ... e-machines or 1st line: https://www.1st-line.com/shop/espresso- ... oni-parts/ Both have plenty of parts available for La Pavoni EP and Professional (and are forum sponsors). I think as you look at 60s and 70s machines a few parts aren't interchangeable with new ones (heating elements, some threaded parts), but there you have used parts on eBay and forums/fb, or from specialists like Francesco, Brooks, or Orphan.

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I just looked into the La Pavoni parts situation in detail as I just ordered a refurbished Europiccola from Francesco.

I'm not sure if you are looking at new or used machines, but the other lever that shows up used under $1100 is the Elektra Micro Casa a Leva (MCaL).

There are other machines, but the Pavoni and MCaL are the most popular. (I think that the days of under-$1100 used Creminas in decent condition are over.)

Both the La Pavoni and Elektra would be easy to service except for very old machines. They are mechanically very simple machines and most parts are available from Espressocare, Orphan Espresso, etc. Very old machines also won't have every part available, but wear items like gaskets and seals are available. (As an aside, both of these machines will require very regular maintenance. They're not appliances like the 870.)

In addition, if you enjoy modifying your machine, then the La Pavoni has a large community and multiple suppliers of custom parts for mods. The Elektra doesn't have this ecosystem, but that may be more a reflection of the MCaL not needing a lot of mods, or being "easier" to use (spring vs. manual), or just being more expensive, etc. I had modified my 1985 MCaL quite a bit, but over the years the mods have gradually been removed :oops:.

Good luck!

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Parts on popular vintage machines are easy to source in the U.S. due to the volume of machines states side. Further Francesco with the L.P. Europiccola will often add a ring to boiler allowing for the current boilers to be utilized in the event the current older style needs to be replaced. He will also swap out the element for a fee to a 110v and sometimes offer 110v machines.
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