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I use my Bianca paddle only to slow the flow down to 3ml/sec from start until the puck is fully preinfused, and then open it slowly up to 6ml/sec for the rest of the shot.

If I had a standard E61 machine (I've had two before it without paddle) and the preinfusion was slow enough (like maybe the Mara X) I would still want the group pressure meter, I find it super helpful for dialing in compared to just the time a shot takes. I know how the grind for the most optimum extraction looks on the meter, you can easily see if it's choking a little or losing pressure too much and adjust accordingly.

I do like the ability to easily set my max flowrate by calibrating the paddle, even if I didn't use the paddle for actual flow profiling, but I'm not sure it's worth the cash if you're happy with your shots.

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BaristaBoy E61

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No, I haven't used one of the E-61 paddle flow controls however my opinion is that direct plumbing & draining would be a better first step for both preinfusion and convenience.

Direct plumbing would allow for line level preinfusion that Reservoir mode does not provide. Direct plumbing can also be further restricted downward with the use of a water line pressure regulator.

Between line level water pressure, grind, dose, tamp, a naked portafilter, shot mirror with a stop watch & scale for measuring extraction I feel that I'm able to get our shots exactly where I want them.

The next step up would be a 'better' machine with a saturated group. Even then, I wonder what a double blind taste test would reveal.

Direct plumbing with proper water filtration is also useful with 'Next Machine' upgrades as long as we haven't moved.
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