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Snow27118 wrote: I would like I would like to support a small Italian company continue to innovate. However, it just seemed like too good to pass up. If I decide to continue exploring other machines, I thought I could sell it at a small loss and explore another;)
LOL. You sound like me back in Fall 2011 when I got mine. I had just gotten a big promotion and was going to reward myself with a GS/3. Then the BDB came out and was crushing Scace tests and had stainless boilers and a stainless portafilter and then the 30% off sale at Williams Sonoma, and I just said WTH?! (Only with something other than the "H") At that point I had to give it a try. Fully expecting to get the warranty period plus a little more and not much more than that. But... as each little thing happened off warranty, the community figured out the DIY. Turns out everything boils down to two things (besides bad water which affects every machine). And then I started discovering really probing the pre infusion for light roasts. Then we discover we can get full blown infinitely variable flow control by switching around some tubes on the inside. In addition to now having a pretty good grip on the usual suspects that need periodic attention. I'm still spring loaded with to get a GS/3. But I've just never had the excuse. And if do get one, I'll be needle valving it like my BDB, per one of my mates who figured out that mod for the GS/3. Oh and if you head down the path of flow profiling, the pressure gauge is group pressure. Which is immensely useful.

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Yeah at the end of the day it seems like you're getting a lot for 1k. Although the shiny Italian machines are fun, I do like the capabilities of this machine for the price. Maybe one day I'll get another and do some comparisons as I always seem to be shopping machines and looking at who's selling what. I'll definitely be exploring the flow control mods when I get my machine. Thanks for the advice Peter; I'll probably be poking you with questions at some point in the future.


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Hi everyone,

Why not take the Lelit Bianca into consideration? It is a dual boiler with preinfusion configuration, pressure profile control and it looks great.


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It's not under $2000.