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I am looking to upgrade from a Gaggia Classic and have seen the profitec pro 300 at around €1300 / $1450 in Europe where I live..

Sure there is something wrong for a good quality dual boiler at this price point !!

I understand the give away of pre-infusion and no E-61, but the temperature stability it brings plus fast heat up time sound like winners to me ...

Anybody would care to comment on downsides? Are the espresso and steam capabilties top notch ?!

Thanks in advance!


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It seems like a great little machine. I did a fair amount of research on it over a year ago and almost bought one. The only reason I didn't is because a used Pro 500 popped up for a good price.

The only downside that I've read about is that the steam is (reportedly) not as powerful as other DBs or HXs. It sounds adequate, just not as fast as other machines. For me, as a small cappuccino/cortado drinker, this isn't a problem. Some people also think it's not as attractive as e61 machines (I disagree).

That's it. If I were in the market for a new non-lever machine, it would be at the top of my list.


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There is quite a few long threads on the 300.. I think most owners are very happy.. Plus is that the brew water temp would be slightly more accurate than on HX machines, or E61 DB. Minus might be the steam is a bit weaker than an HX or DB, but I think steam is more than adequate. You might also have to wait a bit between shots; however, I don't think you'd find it significantly slower than current HXes. Find a user that has had one for a year or so and send a message to ask how they find it. Profitec has pretty good rep for quality build. I think it is a plus that is DOES NOT have an E61 group.. It is a bit easier to predict the brew water temp.


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Great, thanks for the responses

I tested the machine at a shop here in Zurich that had the steam tweaked up to 1.5 bar (the owner told me it comes a bit lower from the factory, but he can increase it to 1.5b easily for me before delivery).

One thing: it is much bigger than it seemed on pictures.. maybe a downside too (vs HX machines, as I dont know any smaller dual boiler except the breville that i'm not really considering).

One funny thing was that coffee keept being stuck on the grouphead, even at low quantities (15-16g). I wonder if the headspace is smaller than normal on this machine ? The puck was also quite wet everytime, which would signal the opposite.. weird


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I don't know about real downsides either, but maybe consider the Rancilio Silvia Pro once it is out. It's a dual boiler and should have the same quality as the single boiler plus a pid. So esentially the same spec as the Pro 300.
I would pay 10-20% more for the reputation. In my mind ECM/Profitec is top of the list for prosumer mashines beside some other companies, but Rancilio is hands down professional quality.


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Nice! Specs very similar to the pro 300 indeed (one difference at least is 1l steam boiler vs 0.75 on pro 300).

For me the profitec looks nicer, but in that regard will talk to the person be who takes the final vote :))

Production in 2020 and not knowing the price is a bummer though


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diogobss wrote:
One funny thing was that coffee keept being stuck on the grouphead, even at low quantities (15-16g). I wonder if the headspace is smaller than normal on this machine ? The puck was also quite wet everytime, which would signal the opposite.. weird
That's not normal.. the PF basket size is 'normal' at 58mm.. And I have the Profitec 500 and its double basket is likely the same size as the 300. No problems at 17g.. But some coffee comes out wetter than others.. might be coffee.. but maybe they have an issue with theirs.. 'cause it is not normal for 15g to cause coffee on grouphead. I'd go back and ask them about it.. Try different bean and if it's on grouphead, I would think their 3-way solenoid is not draining water away properly.

(no chance they were using the single basket is there? (not likely.. but.. ) )


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Strange that they would have a problem with an exhibition machine !! Doesnt speak highly for the shop if that would be the case i guess :))

The basket was definetly a double, he showed me both that would ship with the machine

I had plenty of soupy pucks in the gaggia for lower doses but in that case the shower group is clean.. so maybe will ask them if i go back


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A soupy puck is not a problem if you're happy with the taste of the shot. I switch back and forth between different beans a lot and some of them, for whatever reason, just seem to always produce a wet or soupy puck, especially some of the decafs I use. I doubt this has anything to do with the particular machine. Dosage and grind are probably more of a factor.


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Yes.. I have much wetter pucks with decaf beans too.. but a decent bean should be relatively dry.. Maybe there is a more knowledgeable person in that same shop that can answer why that happens.