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After researching the product I am considering buying an OE Pharos. I live a double life with my coffee act being grinding First Colony from the grocery without notice of date in a blade grinder dumped in a Mister Coffee style coffeemaker with a reusable brew basket.

On the other side I buy $20 recently roasted local coffee and attempt to produce a tasty cortado on a Breville Impress. I need a grinder.

If I invest in the grinder for espresso drinks will using it for the First Colony improve its taste much or am I kicking a dead dog.

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#2: Post by baldheadracing »

I'd recommend that you pick up an Orphan Espresso Bench Dog or two for the Pharos. They make using the Pharos easier. Two bench dogs are better when grinding light roasts, but a single dog works just fine.

The Pharos will make the drip coffee taste better than coffee ground with a blade grinder.
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