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#1: Post by Greg_R »

I'm looking for a dosing funnel to pair with an ECM 58mm portafilter. What's recommended, and is fit an important (practical) concern?

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#2: Post by Jeff »

Even a cut-down yogurt container can work!

For years I used an Orphan Espresso funnel that sat just inside the basket. It worked very well. Maybe 1 cm beyond the edge of the basket and not very tall.

Now I prefer one that sits on the basket rim. There are several out there. Within reason, I believe the $15 ones work as well as the $75 ones. I don't think fancy coatings or named curves make a difference. Mine doesn't have magnets and works for me. I think it is around 25 mm tall, which is plenty. I think 10-15 mm is probably enough (assuming your grinder doesn't spray grind all over).

Some grinders have a limit on what height they'll fit, so check that.

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#3: Post by PIXIllate »

Agree. I used an Orphan Espresso one and it was good. I tried the one that came with my Monolith grinder but since both of those had a lip that sat inside the basket there was always a tiny ring in the grounds. Whether or not this had a negative effect I just didn't like it in theory so I bought a cheap funnel that sits on the lip rather than in the basket. This means there is no longer a ring around the edge of the grounds but now it takes a extra second to clean the lip of the basket from stray grounds that somehow work their way between the two. I had to tinker with the forks on my grinder as the funnel is now fractionaly wider than the basket but I'm happy with the workflow at the moment.

Here's a link to what I bought: ... UTF8&psc=1

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#4: Post by Brewzologist »

I bought this magnetic one for my DE1 baskets. I like it and it fits well, but it has a small lip on the inside I prefer wasn't there. ... UTF8&psc=1

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#5: Post by cafeIKE »

$9.09 @ Amazon when purchased. More secure than a yogurt cup.


#6: Post by BaristaBob »

Brewzologist wrote:I bought this magnetic one for my DE1 baskets. I like it and it fits well, but it has a small lip on the inside I prefer wasn't there. ... UTF8&psc=1
I agree with Brewzologist on this one, plus the magnets are really strong. it's 15mm high which works for most of my beans, it's just those darker roast beans that sit super fluffy that worry me sometimes. I bought the Decent funnel with the magnets and no inner lip, which is 25mm high, so now that's my everyday go to. My suggestion is to purchase the Amazon funnel and then wait until DE offers their funnel on their sale page, that's the way I bought mine, and I still can't find the defect!

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#7: Post by Pressino »

One thing to consider when buying a dosing funnel is the height when mounted above the portafilter...most of those I looked at on Amazon were too tall to use with my Mazzer doser grinder. I had to look for one that would fit before I ordered it. It just barely fits (which is a good thing as it prevents grind splatter) and it works very well. It doesn't allow you to tamp while attached to the basket, but some others do.

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#8: Post by Greg_R (original poster) »

Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I'm going to give the magnetic option off of Amazon a try.