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themusgrat wrote:In this range, these are all good options. Ill have a JX-Pro soon, and will be able to compare the Kinu M47 against it.

Quite a few people say the Kinu is slightly muddier than the Comandante for pourover, but only slightly. The Kinu seems to be very good at all grind settings, and it has a very wide range. I myself am more than happy with it for pourover.
Interesting to see the M47 vs Jx-Pro side by side cause not many doing the comparisons. Regarding the C40 vs M47 clarity I also think the C40 have a better clarity and more balance taste, imho the M47 not too bad for pour over in the coarser grind size but for smaller grind size I much prefer the c40 for pour over.


#12: Post by AJ_Grey »

Are all Comandante grinders the nitro burrs now? Is this the better one for pour over? I am waiting on a weber key and just ordered a Comandante to replace my 20 yo Rocky. I figure I can use it for pour overs, aeropress and camping. when ever the key arrives.

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YeetSkeeterson (original poster)

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I've never used anything besides a cheap, garbage JavaPresse before I got into coffee for AeroPress and pour over. But even without trying others, you can simply tell without comparison how clean the Comandante is. It's just an amazing grinder. I've used it for around 2-3 years now, it's still like new.


#14: Post by DuncTheLunk »

After a year of handgrinding mainly, it is kind of getting old. It's not physically taxing, and doesn't take that much time...but I still find it annoying.


#15: Post by Feca »

After a lot of research (too much really, because it's all web and no first-hand experience... but it's kind of fun to go down the rabbit hole isn't it?) I decided on a 1ZPresso JX for brew. Haven't decided what I'll do for espresso yet. I looked at the Comandante and the Kinu but decided for the JX in the end.

A big part of the decision was realizing I'll need 2 grinders... was trying to avoid that by going with a KEY but it would not have been the right choice for me. So the JX can always stay in
brew range setting, be put away in a drawer and grind silently for my morning aeropress/clever. While saving $ for an espresso grinder. In the above use case I didn't see the value in splurging x2 or x3 times the price for a Comandante or K-plus (don't need the additional features).

Not directly OP's question but reading others' reasoning always helps me so thought I'd share.


#16: Post by Jonk »

YeetSkeeterson wrote:With that said, would you ever trade the duo for a Niche Zero if you never have to travel?
Late reply, but I think it depends on what kind of roasts you like. For light roasts I think a DF64 with SSP brew burrs could replace both grinders. For medium-dark roasts a Niche Zero could be a good choice instead. If you like all kinds of roast levels I think you have a winning combo already.. but your arms would be relieved by an Ode or DF64 with those SSP burrs.


#17: Post by majs2009 » replying to Jonk »

Are you referring to the multipurpose SSP or or the original SSP brew burrs?

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#18: Post by Jonk »

The original unimodal/brew burrs. No idea how much different the multi-purpose burrs are - which ones do you have and how different do you find the SSP, C40 and K-Plus to be?


#19: Post by majs2009 » replying to Jonk »

I have the SSP multipurpose in my Fellow Ode. So far I am liking it; it produces smooth, sweet, and clear cups.

For Comandante C40 Vs 1Zpresso K-plus:
I Bought the K-plus 5 months ago. IMO it is better than the C40 in almost all aspects. Fast, easy adjustment, magnetic catch cup and produces very good cups. However, the first and most important thing to me is taste in V60 brews. So I kept going back and forth comparing the two grinders using different coffees for almost 5 months. The conclusion that I reached based on my experience, C40 gives the better cups consistently! The K-plus gave me great cups but C40 would always match it or even be better. The K-plus and C40 have similar style in taste but C40 has slightly sweeter cups and the acidity is more pleasant to me. I actually sold the K-plus two weeks ago and kept the C40.

Comandante C40 Vs Ode+Multipurpose SSP:
I only had the Fellow Ode with SSP for a month and this is not enough time for me to make a clear conclusion. They taste different so it is difficult for me to say which is better. The coffee brewed with C40 tastes more complex and full bodied but it is slightly more bitter than the SSP burrs. On the other hand, The SSP burrs is clearer, very smooth with almost no bitterness but it is not as complex.

I will keep comparing the two but for now I believe neither is better than the other. They just give different styles of coffees. I am very happy with both grinders.
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YeetSkeeterson (original poster)

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I think I'm pretty set on the combo. I'm already ingrained in their brands, so... my thought process is I will simply buy whatever marginal or major upgrades they release. Sure I have to reseason the burrs but that happens somewhat quickly. I really can't see Kinu offering an upgrade any time soon but in the mean time Comandante has the new MK4 with barely anything that has changed.

The dread I feel when I get a bean stuck in the slot near the axle will be gone though.