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Do you suffer from upgraditis?

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#41: Post by r-gordon-7 »

Well I believe I started to suffer from it - but found a miraculous cure... I started out w/a combination of a Gaggia Factory & an Ascaso i-Mini, with which I've really been very satisfied. And I had no interest in upgrading for upgrade's sake alone. But I needed a second machine for a second location. So, at the start of the Summer, I let "upgraditis" take hold and, for that second machine, instead of searching out another Gaggia Factory (which I thought would be tough to do given its discontinued status), I "upgraded" to the Gagggia Achille (a refurb), giving in to the lure of having an HX system in a lever machine... However, it turned out the Achille had serious problems - both in terms of problems with the particular unit I received, and in tems of disappointing aspects of the Achilles' overall build quality - especially as compared to the build quality of the Factory (all as documented in other threads in the Lever Espresso Forum). In a sense, the serious problems with the particular unit I received were fortuitous, because my spouse really disliked the Achille's size & styling as compared to the Gaggia Factory. So, ultimately, as the defective Achille refurb I received had to go back to the vendor anyhow, I had the vendor replace it with another Gaggia Factory (also a refurb) instead - and now all is well as it should be and should've been all along. :D Upgraditis cured... lesson learned. If you're quite satisfied with what you have, not all perceived upgrades are necessarily an improvement...

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#42: Post by zin1953 »

I was perfectly happy, free from "upgraditis," until I read this. Now, I'm thinking Hmmmm . . . what about this . . . or maybe this . . . or -- maybe -- even this!
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#43: Post by cannonfodder »

The quickest cure for upgraditis is cash deprivation, it could also be the cause of the latter.
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#44: Post by zin1953 »

Dave, isn't that more of a "chicken-and-egg" thing . . . . :?:
A morning without coffee is sleep. -- Anon.