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Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

#21: Post by michael »

I still have 1 at a second location-yes I had 2; going to switch out my remaining spaz for a decent in august

Lots of fun over the years but looking forward to a second 58mm set up with better temp, flow and pressure control and accessories 8)


#22: Post by djmsalem »

I had an S1 for five years, gave it to my stepson when I upgraded to a Vetrano 2b and plumbed it in. He's still using it very happily.

It still makes fantastic coffee and I think puts up with a pretty significant amount of maintenance neglect. And it has really powerful steam.

I'm glad I have what I have, but the S1 was one of those things that I didn't really know how truly good it was until I compared it with something else.