Different logos for Eureka Mignon XL but same model?

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#1: Post by francesco_ITA »

I am thinking to buy an Eureka Mignon XL grinder, however I got a bit confused as on the website where I'm planning to buy it, there are different Mignon XL models available.
The models seem to differ only for the color, although the price differ for around 200$: red or white cost 700CHF (762$), while Chrome or black around 890 CHF (970$).

I tried to contact the seller, but no answer received. The website is reliable as I dealt with them many times (I also bought my Lelit Bianca from them).

Here the white model description and photos: https://www.galaxus.ch/en/s2/product/eu ... =mignon+xl

The Chrome model: https://www.galaxus.ch/en/s2/product/eu ... =mignon+xl

Here, aside from the wrong name (as Specialità in this case does not make any sense), the logo is different: XL has no black background and just gold characters.

As far as I am aware, Eureka made just one model and, so far, only one version of Mignon XL in the new "oro" line, mounting their "diamond inside" 65mm burrs.

Can anyone confirm me that both grinders refer to the same (and only, so far) Mignon XL model? Here for the sake of completeness the link to the Eureka website: https://www.eureka.co.it/en/eureka_oro.aspx#40
If this would be the case, then the price difference would refer only to the color (white instead of matt black or chrome).

While I would prefer the Chrome version to match with my Lelit, the price difference just the color is quite substantial.