DF83 or Mahlkonig X54...or other?

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

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May upgrade to a new grinder (if new burrs don't work out on my old one). Looking for a grinder that can work from French press to espresso, with good workflow, and thought the two above were contenders. Any thoughts between these two, or others in this price range?
La Spaziale Dream T, Cunill El Tranquilo


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DF83 uses larger burrs and comes set up for either single dosing or with a hopper. The Mahlkonig uses smaller burrs and is set up more for a hopper than single dosing. If you plan to single dose then the DF83 will be a better choice. The DF83's stock burrs are pretty good with a large range of grind sizes. The Mahlkonig has timed dosing, large hopper, and is designed more for a cafe-style setup.

Since you plan to use X54 for French press then you may want to look at this review:
https://sprudge.com/mahlkonigs-new-x54- ... 78984.html

The coarser settings have quite a bit of fines.

If you liked the timed dose but would also enjoy single dose then the DF64E (or simply the DF64 without timed dose if you don't need that) may be an option as well. That gives you access to a wide range of burr sets too. As always, the Niche is a good choice for espresso but I wouldn't recommend it for coarse grinds. I've tasted my Niche vs my Fellow Ode with SSP burrs side by side with a coarse pour over. The Fellow wins hands down. Niche is great for textured espresso, which I enjoy but is only good in a pinch for anything else IMO. If you want the option to try different burr sets then the DF83 may leave your wallet hurting. The SSP burrs are a hefty $300+ additional cost for the DF83.

One last thing to think about is perhaps getting a Fellow Ode for pour over and French press and then picking up a DF64 for espresso. That way you have two machines that highlight the best of both worlds for not much more than a DF83 or a X54. Both can also be upgraded with even more specialized burrs in the future if the itch hits you.


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I know some people change grinder settings daily, but don't know how repeatable the settings are when going back and forth.
I've had 2 grinders for quite a while.
Baratza Virtuoso for drip/french press/mocha pot, etc.
P64 for espresso

If you'll do 2-3 shots a day, single dosing is a good game plan.
So long-term, maybe 2 grinders is the best setup (if you have counter space, etc).
I haven't watched grinder choices for over a year, so I'll defer to other members for those recommendations.