Deciding on a Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

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Hey Guys

I am looking to pick up a quick heat up Espresso Machine, Dual Boiler, PID, Hot water dispensing valve, No burn steam Wand and a long lasting machine. So far I have 3 picks in the order of what I really like first. I do like "Light Roast - coffee" its what I prefer to drink even on espresso and want a machine that can fully express the light roast well.

1.) Rancilio Silvia Pro x Dual Boiler Espresso Machine
2.) Profitec Pro 300 Dual boiler Espresso
3.) Ascaso Steel Duo Espresso

Out of these three, which one do you guys recommend. I really like the Profitec 300 but the Ascaso is just really sexy looking. The Rancilio for its "Tried and True" espresso machine, its been around a long time...beast of a machine from what I have heard. Let me know k? guys



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Not to discourage you on your top three machines, but if you are a fan of light roasted coffee, as you say, you might not achieve your desired goal among those choices. You will need a machine that is capable of preinfusion. This is a game changer to extract the most from light roasted beans. And if quick warm up is on your want list too, I might suggest the Breville Dual Boiler. At $1,600 it does a lot. It certainly is not as dependable at some the Italian hardware out there, but they all require maintenance now and then. The only other machine that ticks most of your boxes and has a host of flow control options is the Lelit Bianca, coming in at around $3,000.

I'm sure others can point you to other machines that do light roast well.
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Mark_Barista_CA01 (original poster)

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I have looked into the Breville Dual Boiler. It is a fairly common machine? I did want to get something more "Exotic", less commercial and different than what everyone else has but I will consider it ...if it does do everything well. I have a friend who is DEEP in the coffee world and he has a Breville with a Smart Grinder Pro...which says a lot about Breville, Breville is a great brand!!

I have heard of Lelit Bianca and will have to look into it, 3000 is a very steep price tag for an espresso machine. Just a few thousand more and I can get a Linea Mini, I do plan to eventually own a Linea Mini but my counter space is not that big.

Also need a machine that is not super huge, small counter space : (


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Since only machine I used that is high end enough at this point is Breville Dual Boiler, I am biased. Saying that, Breville really gives you a lot of control on pre-infusion as well as easy to do slayer mod. Functionality wise, I couldn't find anything south of $3000 machine matching it. Consistent shot is very easy with this machine (great temp control), fast start up time, and based on Breville continuously improving failure points (sounds like latest versions seem to have most if not all common o-ring points replaced with different fitting that should last much longer). I find it funny when people brandish wording such as "consumer" grade just because Breville isn't clad in all aluminum or sheet metal steel.
Honestly, only thing that is really missing on Breville is the look department. In fact, instead of upgrading my espresso machine, my last upgrade was spent on Kafatek Monolith FlatMax2. Yup, I could have gotten quite a decent espresso machine but figured the marginal gain I was going to get from grinder (which was surprisingly a lot more than I thought) than maybe non existence from swapping espresso machine.
If I eventually get Decent, SanRemo You, synesso es1 or such, it probably is just because I desire the ability to "monitor" or such... probably really won't get better shot at end of day. (and... yes... it will look better).
At the end of day, it is what you enjoy that works best for your need.

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You make a strong point!! At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself if an upgrade is even needed...and is it worth the extra thousand??? does the espresso taste currently? Was the upgrade worth it? all the bells and whistles are there to guide you to a great espresso but there are some people with Gaggia's, the classic pro ( Simply machine with no upgrades )...that just swear by the machine and its a mear 400 dollars.

In my position....I really need to upgrade! Kind of embarrassed to tell you guys what i have been making coffees with lately...oh god. LOL. I have the De'Longhi ECP3420 Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine please don't laugh guys, i did do some upgrades to this. I bought 3 metal portafilters with pressurized baskets and it makes a decent cup of espresso. The steam wand...its a bit of a joke but it is more like a frother than anything else....Anyways guys I am due for a "Large" upgrade. So yeah my choices are still

Rancilio Silvia Pro x Dual Boiler Espresso Machine
Profitec Pro 300
Ascaso Stee DUO PID
Breville Dual Boiler

I think between these 4 are gonna be it for me, Then later even bigger upgrade. The Lelit Bianca...which a fellow a bit higher in price than what I would be willing to spend on a machine. It also looks very "Girly"...Lelit...makes machines that look feminine...or is it just me?

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If you're pulling light roasts the first three are ones you will likely outgrow quickly. I think you'd be better off waiting to see if something like the Odyssey Argos or Londinium Vectis meet reasonable expectations.

I've never thought of Lelit machines as being tailored to any gender. I'd say "it's just you" on that. However, how you feel is important in making a decision. It's ok to say "I just don't like it" as the reason, as long as you're aware that is what you're basing your decision on.

With budget constraints, I'd also consider the Lelit Mara X with adding a flow kit. I've read that people have been successful with that.

Mark_Barista_CA01 (original poster)

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Lelit Mara X looks like a sweet machine with the E61 espresso style brew head, very nice espresso machine. I just ran across a Lelit Elizabeth V3? you guys heard of this...looks like a good machine. Any thoughts on this one?


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Interesting you think of Lelit as being "girly". Maybe it has something to do with their naming system...Mara, Elizabeth, Bianca! :lol:
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Don't be embarrassed. A lot of us started just like you. Low cost (I mean less than $100) machines, gained knowledge, experience, squeezed every bit of coffee goodness out of those extractions. Even sometimes got a good cup, especially with darker roasted beans. At some point we all move on, because we know there is more goodness inside those beautiful beans.

Just remember too, the grinder is important, just as important as your machine. They need to dance together.
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Mark_Barista_CA01 (original poster)

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Yeah definitely, the coffee beans are SUPER important. It has been said.."upgrade your coffee beans before you upgrade your espresso machine" true. Lately when I am on a budget, Aldi's the grocery market has some really surprisingly great coffees. They have an "Organic" Single Origin Guatemalan, Honduran and Peruvian whole bean coffee that are Medium roast but really exceptional. No sour taste or bitter taste on the tongue...really good!! Chocolate and fruit taste. My go to coffee has been PT's Coffee in Topeka Kansas..has anyone heard of them? Rusty Hawaiians is amazing and Klatch coffee. I have been thinking of buying my beans and roasting them myself but don't have the space for a roaster. Anyhow....I think I did narrow it down to a few machines, ultimately you have to strive to get good value for what you pay for.